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How to Style Your Home Like a Hotel

Indulging in an overnight stay at a luxury hotel is one of life’s most wonderful extravagances. Stepping over the threshold, you feel the weight fall from your shoulders as you breathe in freshly laundered cotton in the air, kick off your shoes to feel the plush carpet beneath your feet and relax onto the beautifully made bed.
Picture yourself sinking into a cloud of soft, sumptuous sheets, their gentle embrace enveloping you in comfort and tranquillity as you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Now imagine indulging in that same wonderful escape every single night by capturing the essence of a luxury hotel in your own home. Follow our styling guidance to elevate your bedroom to a five-star haven.

Make a statement with an upholstered bed

When transforming your bedroom into a lavish sanctuary reminiscent of the most opulent hotels rooms, you must first focus on making a masterpiece of your bed. Allow it to become the focal point of the room, setting the mood for the rest of the décor and inviting you in with irresistible layers of luxury that you can’t wait to sink into at the end of a long day. 
For the ultimate in hotel luxe, an opulently upholstered statement headboard provides not only a stunning centrepiece, but also unrivalled comfort for relaxation. Our elegant Cocoon bed offers a beautifully timeless look with its natural linen and weathered oak finish, while the stunning Wooster bed adds a subtle touch of glamour with its rich hues and Art Deco-inspired design. 

Say hello to our Hotel Collection Bed Linen

To recreate the same irresistible softness that you find in a five-star hotel, dress your chosen bed with a base layer of high thread count sheets crafted in the finest quality material. For a subtle touch of luxury, our 100% pure cotton, 600 thread count Hotel Collection fitted sheets are exceedingly soft to the touch, promising to provide superior levels of comfort at home. 
The silky-smooth texture caresses the skin, creating a sensation of pure bliss as you bed down for the evening. Finished in classic white, these delicate sheets are also deceptively durable, ensuring that your luxurious sleeping experience remains unmarred for years to come. 

Add luxurious layers for elegant comfort 

With the perfect foundation in place, enhance your bed with artful layers of luxurious fabrics and textiles to form a warm and cosy cocoon. For a deliciously decadent feel, opt for a light and fluffy feather-down duvet paired with the plushest of pillows, providing the sensation of falling into a soft cloud as you snuggle down for a restful slumber. 
Envelop your bedding in indulgent linen in a neutral colour palette that mirrors the understated elegance found in the most prestigious of high-end hotels. Our 600 thread count Cotton Collection Sateen bed linen is crafted in classic white 100% cotton and accentuated by rows of exquisite  embroidery and classic Oxford edges – the epitome of simple sophistication. 

Style the room with a final flourish 

The tasteful luxury of a five-star hotel room often lies in the art of minimalism, with carefully selected decorative elements that add purpose and charm without overcrowding the space. An elegant pair of bedside tables adorned with simple accent lamps emitting a soft, warm glow will give an instant air of refinement to the room. 
A plush rug underfoot adds a touch of lavish comfort, while a soft throw gracefully draped over a beautifully crafted armchair provides the perfect place to rest and relax as the evening draws in. Embellish the walls with stylish artwork and a statement mirror, adding opulently scented candles to complete the upscale hotel ambience.

Reap the benefits of a hotel bedroom

Beyond the aesthetics of a hotel-inspired bedroom lies a deeper truth – a luxurious sleeping environment is not just a delight for the senses but also a balm for the soul. The psychological and physical benefits are manifold, contributing to a feeling of overall well-being. The calming atmosphere fosters inner peace, reducing stress and enhancing your mood. 
As you sink into the plush embrace of your hotel haven at home, let it be a reminder that the pursuit of luxury in the everyday isn't just about extravagance. Embracing exquisite craftsmanship and indulgent comfort is an investment in a healthier heart, a robust immune system, higher energy levels and improved focus and concentration. 
Imagine every evening becoming an indulgent experience of plush fabrics, elegant designs and tranquil ambiance, echoing the lavish comfort of the most prestigious hotel rooms. Each night spent in this curated retreat becomes a rejuvenating journey, preparing you to rise and embrace the day with newfound vitality and grace.

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