Metal Beds

Long ago we were known as The Iron Bed Company. While we’ve since branched out to encompass a range of furniture styles, we still hold a soft spot for a quality metal bed. So whether your taste is vintage charm or understated glamour, a metal bed is certain to transform a bedroom from drab to dramatic.

Quality metal bed frames from Feather & Black

Ever since we started out as The Iron Bed Company, we’ve had a keen eye for luxury metal bed frames with an emphasis on quality. Metal frames channel timeless designs that add a classic touch to any room, with more options within our range to complement any aesthetic.

Black metal bed frames

The muted palate of matte black and dark greys plays well with rooms looking for subtlety from a bed, with a black metal bed frame offering a classic silhouette at all times. Our Oliver bed frame offers a traditional take on a metal frame that works well with monochrome colour schemes, as well as providing contrast with brighter tones.

White metal bed frames

Nothing is more versatile than a minimalist white metal bed frame, fitting into almost any style of room seamlessly. Any colours used nearby or elaborate bedspread designs will pop against the white, while also being the perfect thing to blend into the background if you prefer calm, neutral colours. 

Gold metal bed frames

Add a touch of class to any bedroom with the bright shine of a gold metal bed frame, perfect for introducing a vintage look or bold, elegant styles to the bedroom. Pairing one of our Henley frames with ornate furniture and decorative touches can create a more luxurious look that’ll always impress. 

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