How to Style a Bedside Table

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As one of the last corners of your home that you see before drifting off to sleep, your bedside table is often overlooked as an integral element of creating a calming and restful bedroom retreat. How you style your bedside table can have a significant impact on the overall ambience of the space, so it’s important to take time and care when curating the finishing touches for this fundamental piece of furniture. 

Your bedside table is a blank canvas for creativity, but it’s also an intimate space within your inner sanctuary. Its design should reflect your own evening routine, allowing you to relax and unwind as you prepare for peaceful slumber, while providing a functional space to house your personal belongings. 

Discover our design tips on how to style a bedside table to ensure you’re making the most of this intrinsic feature of your bedroom décor. 

Six principles for effective styling 

Crafting an effortlessly stylish, modern bedside table is an artful balance of scale and proportion, textures and height, functionality versus aesthetics, personal touches and the magic of good lighting. Here are six guiding principles to follow when planning the perfect bedside table:   

1) Proportions 
Before you embark on your styling journey, it is important to consider the size and proportions of the bedside table itself in relation to the space you have available and the other furniture pieces in the room.

Pay attention to the height of the table relative to your bed and ensure it isn’t too wide so as not to overwhelm the space on either side. This attention to detail will ensure a harmonious ambience and a more spatially cohesive design. 


2) Lighting 
Lighting is a staple element of modern bedside table styling, serving as both a practical necessity and an elegant design feature. Its primary function is, of course, to cast a convenient glow for bedtime relaxation, but warm, soft lighting also plays a significant role in setting the mood in the bedroom.

Select an elegant lamp in keeping with the proportions of the tabletop, or for a small bedroom table, consider discreet wall-mounted lighting to maximise space and allow ample room to introduce other design elements.

3) Organisation  
Your bedroom is a space in which you can clear your mind and relax away from the stresses of everyday life. A clutter-free bedside table contributes to this feeling of calm, enabling you to drift into a serene and peaceful sleep. By following the simple rule of three, you can avoid overcrowding your bedside table with too many items. Alongside your lamp, add just two other accessories, such a stack of leather-bound books and a pretty photo frame or an antique trinket tray with a scented candle. 

4) Contrast 
Create a more dynamic design effect by introducing contrasting textures, materials and proportions in the accessories and accents on your bedside table. Complement a smooth solid oak tabletop with a textured lamp, pair a tall candle with a vintage-style clock or place small potted succulents on a sleek, mirrored tray.

If your bedroom is adorned with wall lights or sconces, add a tall vase of dried flowers in place of a table lamp to bring height and balance to the space. 


5) Personality 
While the guiding principles lean towards a clutter-free arrangement, this does not mean your bedside table should be devoid of personality and charm. On the contrary, introducing unique personal touches can add warmth and character.

Within the rule of three, display framed photographs of loved ones, treasured keepsakes from your travels or gifted accessories that hold sentimental value, evoking a feeling a quiet comfort as you wind down for the evening.  

6) Practicality 
Your bedside table should of course look beautifully stylish and bring peaceful joy as you relax for the evening, but it must also fulfil its function as a practical piece of furniture. Select a design that incorporates storage, so that essential but unsightly items such as mobile phones and medication can be tucked safely out of sight. In doing so, you can create a tranquil and organised bedside retreat that promotes relaxation and enhances your nightly routine.

Styling ideas and inspiration

With the guiding principles on how to style your bedside table in mind, you can effortlessly apply them to any interior design style, selecting furniture pieces, accessories and accents that fit seamlessly with your chosen bedroom aesthetic. Find inspiration in our collection of stunning bedside tables, each design infused with its own unique character and design flair. 

Minimalist luxe

For a pared-back look particularly suited to those seeking a small bedside table for a more intimate space, our stunning Aubrey 2 Drawer Bedside Table is the perfect choice. Crafted in beautifully smooth weathered oak and characterised by its clean lines, soft corners and curved peg legs, the slimline table features two generous drawers to stowaway essential items for a clutter-free finish. Accessorise the Aubrey with sleek and understated accessories, such as a stylish glass lamp, a simple ceramic diffuser or smooth stoneware vase. 

Romantic charm

Embrace a beautifully romantic ambience in your bedroom design with the timeless, French-inspired elegance of the Sienna Bedside Table. The soft, sweeping curves, exquisite dovetail joinery and endearing cabriole feet are carved in beautifully handcrafted weathered oak, bringing charm and character to the space. The Sienna pairs perfectly with feminine accents, from pretty pastel-hued floral arrangements to decorative tissue boxes and antique trinket trays. 

Monochrome elegance

Make a statement with your bedside tables by embracing the striking opulence of our Casterton design, available in stunning ivory or deep black. Inspired by Gustavian styling, it features delicate carved flowers, a beautiful, fluted border, plinth top and distinctive turned legs. The slim drawer with its darkened metal handle and subtle scallop detail offers discreet storage for your personal items. Style with simple, monochromic accessories in keeping with the clean and understated aesthetic. 

Modern chic 

For a contemporary twist on your bedroom décor, our Jacob Bedside Table cuts an effortlessly elegant figure. The beautifully curved, slatted wood design comes in a light or dark stain and is finished with an exquisite solid marble tabletop. Two soft-close drawers blend in seamlessly, adorned with weathered antique metal handles. Create juxtaposition with tactile accessories that contrast the smoothness of the marble, such as a hammered metal vase or a decorative seagrass basket. 

Bohemian vibes

Channel peace and tranquillity with a laid-back, boho-inspired bedroom, mixing antique finds with eclectic furniture pieces. Our stunning Vintage Rattan Bedside Table features a generously sized rattan-fronted drawer, opened with a hidden finger groove for a clean yet quirky look. The integral shelf provides the perfect place for a stack of artfully arranged antique books, while the dark wood tabletop is the ideal home for a stylish statement lamp and vintage alarm clock, adding a touch of nostalgia to your nighttime routine.

Feather & Black’s bedside table collection 

For more inspiration on selecting the perfect furniture pieces for your bedroom, explore our extensive collection of meticulously designed solid oak and rattan bedside tables. Whether you’re seeking a statement piece for a larger bedroom or a small bedside table for a more intimate space, the Feather & Black range offers timeless beauty, exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding versality. 

By following the six guiding principles on how to style your bedside table and applying them to your chosen interior décor, you can create a beautiful yet functional corner of your home that greets you with carefully curated charm each evening. Indulge in your nightly routine, reflect on your cherished memories and enjoy a small beacon of serenity amidst the chaos of everyday life as it guides you into peaceful slumber. 

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