Rattan Beds

Indulge in irresistible texture with our exquisite rattan beds, designed to imbue your bedroom with natural beauty. Create a statement antique look with our naturally aged rattan or choose an opulent winged headboard to wrap yourself in luxury. Whatever style speaks to your heart, you’ll find a rattan bed to make your home sing in our collection.

Is rattan hard to clean?

Cleaning rattan is straightforward and requires no more effort than maintaining other common bed materials.

Will a rattan bed last?

Regular brushing of built-up dust and wiping down with a damp cloth will ensure the longevity of your rattan bed.

What bed linen goes with rattan beds?

Rattan beds pose a striking silhouette and perfectly chosen bed linen can enhance this allure. While your style plays a role, we recommend opting for neutral tones or natural textures like linen or cotton.

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