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Our selection of wooden bed frames have the kind of effortless grace and practicality that never goes out of style. All of our wooden ranges use only legally sourced timber, produced to the highest standard. From traditional to contemporary, these are beautifully simple beds, built to last.

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Are wooden beds strong?

Generally, wooden bed frames are very strong, thanks to the nature of the material. A wooden beds strength is defined by the wood it’s made from and at Feather & Black we’re proud to offer quality crafted wooden beds that are solid, durable and built to last. Read our Wooden Bed Guide to discover our most sought-after styles. 

Are wooden beds comfortable?

All our wooden bed frames are extremely comfortable. All of them have stylish headboards so you can sit up in bed with a cup of tea in hand and read the papers comfortably. Our wooden beds also have wooden sprung slats which provides increased comfort, responsive support, and less strain on your mattress. Find your perfect mattress to sit atop your wooden bed here 

What are wooden beds made of?

All our timber is ethically sourced and of the highest standard to ensure your bed is built to last and to give you peace of mind. Our collection of wooden beds and wooden ottoman beds are crafted from a variety of woods including our best-selling weathered oak, oak, pale oak, and a range of painted wood and dark wood bed frames. 

Are wooden beds noisy?

All beds, no matter what they’re made of, have joints where two or more parts come together. Wood is a natural material, and hot and cold temperatures can affect it, or over time, joints can begin to squeak due to them becoming loose. Most squeaks can be fixed, but we’re confident in the joinery and quality craftsmanship that goes into our wooden beds minimises any noise or squeaking.  

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