Memory Foam Mattresses

Our memory foam mattresses provide a superb level of comfort by moulding to the exact contours of your body. The technology used means that a memory foam mattress will provide pressure relieving support whilst keeping your spine in perfect alignment no matter what position you sleep in. Memory foam mattresses can be paired with any style of bed for the perfect night’s sleep.

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Are memory foam mattresses good?

A memory foam mattress is a fantastic choice in mattress with its many key benefits. The foam design can contour and support your body to provide an optimal, blissful sleep making it an all-round good mattress for many.

Are memory foam mattresses good for your back?

Memory foam mattresses are great for your back, whether you suffer with back pain or would like to have extra support around your spine. The particularly high density of the foam specifically helps to provide the good support and spinal alignment.

How long do memory foam mattresses last?

Memory foam mattresses have a life span of around 6–10 years. After this time, the memory foam mattress will lose the ability to strongly contour your body.

Can you use a heated blanket on a memory foam mattress?

We recommend not to use a heated blanket on your memory foam mattress, as the heat can affect the moulding ability of your memory foam mattress. Read our full mattress care guide to ensure the longevity of your chosen mattress.

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