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The Benefits of a New Mattress

A good, solid night’s sleep does wonders for our health both mentally and physically. And whilst many people understand that a lack of sleep doesn’t do them any favours the next day, many fail to realise that a new mattress could actually be the key to improving their sleep. Because a mattress that supports you in the right way, provides the right level or comfort, and gives you the space you need will ensure you wake less, don’t toss and turn as much and won’t wake feeling tired or achy.

So, if you feel you know you’re not sleeping as well as you could be, have you thought that it might be time for a new mattress? To give you some perspective - if you’ve had a mattress for seven years it will have been subjected to over 20,000 hours of wear and tear!

A mattress that doesn’t work for you can rob you of up to an hour of sleep per night, so the benefits of a new mattress are well worth thinking about.


Make your mattress support you

Mattress firmness is very much a personal choice, but essentially, it’s all about keeping your body and spine aligned. A mattress that’s too firm will push against your spine, but a mattress that’s too soft won’t provide you with enough support.

You also need to think about the position you like to sleep in as this can have different effects on your body. If you sleep on your back, you’ll probably benefit most from a medium mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, a softer mattress will suit you, and if you sleep on your front, a firmer mattress will give you the best support.

We do offer a range of split tension mattresses, so if you and your sleeping partner prefer different levels of firmness, a split tension or dual tension mattress is ideal.

If you’re waking up achy or your mattress doesn’t feel comfortable anymore, it’s most definitely time to consider a new one, because they don’t last forever, and their supportive characteristics will start to fail.

Keep allergies at bay and boost your immune system

Mattresses are a haven for dust mites and (stop reading now if you’re at all squeamish) they eat the skin cells that we shed naturally every night. Each year, we shed roughly a pound of skin into our mattresses as well as around half a pint of moisture each night, so replacing your mattress regularly, i.e. every 7 – 10 years, is paramount if you want to keep dust mites at bay which in turn reduces allergy symptoms, whilst keeping hygiene levels up too.

And good sleep has been linked to a whole host of health benefits, one of these being immunity. Lack of good quality sleep can leave our immune systems compromised and reduce our body’s ability to fight coughs and colds.

When to replace your mattress

Aside from the hygiene factors highlighted above, it’s worth recognising that over time our bodies change, and we may become sensitive to new problems or changes in habit. Health issues, weight loss or gain should all be considered, including those of a partner that shares your bed.

Choosing a mattress is a very personal business which is why we offer a broad, yet specially selected, range of mattress to suit different sleep experience needs.

For deeply luxurious mattresses filled with layer upon layer of 100% natural fillings, look no further than our blissfully comfortable Harrison Spinks Mattresses.

For lovers of memory foam, our TEMPUR® range is best in class, offering responsive pressure relieving support for your entire body for deep, restorative sleep.

And our fabulous (newly launched) range of F&B everyday mattresses offer comfort, support, and durability but with a slightly lower price tag. 

Our mattress checklist

We understand a mattress can be a big investment, so here’s our checklist for things to consider when buying a new mattress:

  • Firmness - Choose your level, and consider the position you like to sleep in
  • Size – ensure it fits your lifestyle and accommodates those you share a mattress with, whether that’s a partner, children or two Labradors
  • Fillings – different fillings offer different sleep experiences some will work to regulate body temperature, keep allergies at bay, relieve pressure, or reduce disturbance caused by a partner
  • Trial – it’s always best to take a mattress for a test lie down. Whilst we appreciate this isn’t always possible, we do offer a 100 night trial on all our mattresses (T&C’s apply).

Good, restorative, uninterrupted sleep can feel like the quest for the holy grail, but take a long hard look at your current mattress and question whether it’s time for a new one, because the benefits of a new mattress are plain to see and might just be the ticket to a better night’s sleep.


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