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How Cotton Sheets Can Improve Your Sleep

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Slipping between sumptuously soft cotton bed sheets at the end of a long day is a sensation like no other, and one you deserve to experience every single evening, but the benefits of cotton bed sheets go far beyond that blissful feeling. Cotton bed sheets can have a profound effect on the quality of your sleep, playing a fundamental part in creating a calm and comfortable sanctuary that enables truly restorative slumber night after night. 

The intrinsic characteristics of cotton fabric, from breathability to durability, make it the ideal material for bedding; however not all cotton bed sheets are crafted equally. Investing in bed linen made from the finest quality, single-ply, pure organic cotton ensures unparalleled, enduring comfort that not only enhances your sleep but also nurtures your overall wellbeing. 

Discover the benefits of premium cotton bedding and explore our collection of luxurious flat and fitted white cotton bed sheets to find your perfect match. 

Are cotton bed sheets breathable?

Feeling stifled and overheated is a common cause of disrupted sleep, yet it’s natural for your body to generate warmth as you snuggle down in bed. Being an inherently breathable fabric, cotton allows air to circulate freely and ensures that your body temperature is regulated throughout the night, regardless of whether you run hot or cold. Unlike synthetic fabrics, breathable cotton bed sheets effectively wick away moisture and absorb any sweat, keeping you cool and comfortable in summer and warm without overheating in winter. 

If you prefer a lightweight, crisp and cool feeling in your bed sheets, our indulgent Hotel Collection flat and fitted sheets present the perfect bedtime companion. Each luxurious bed sheet is handcrafted in Portugal – a destination renowned for its rich heritage in superior quality cotton production. The 400 thread count, 100% cotton, classic white sheets are woven with a percale pattern, which creates a sumptuously textured soft-touch feel coupled with supreme breathability for an exceptionally restful night’s sleep. 

Are cotton bed sheets soft?

The cotton plant is embellished with fluffy balls of fibres, which, once processed and woven, create a luxuriously soft and silky material that’s perfect for bedding. While synthetic fabrics can often feel rough, abrasive and irritating on the skin, cotton bed sheets are smooth and gentle to the touch, enabling you to wind down and relax into a more peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, so it is less likely to trigger a reaction in anyone allergic to dust mites, mould spores or other allergens. 

For the epitome of luxurious softness, indulge in the sensation of sateen cotton bed sheets, which are intricately woven in a complex pattern that creates a silky-smooth feel and a lustrous sheen finish. Our most opulent Hotel Collection Sateen bed sheets are handcrafted in Portugal using the very finest 600-thread count cotton sateen. Finished in elegant classic white and available in fitted and flat versions, the bed sheets are irresistibly soft and exquisitely comfortable, creating the feeling of sleeping in a luxury hotel every single night. 

Are cotton bed sheets hard wearing? 

Despite being one of the softest natural materials available, cotton is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear, so selecting high quality, pure cotton bed sheets is a long-term investment in the quality of your sleep. Cotton is very easy to maintain and launders extremely well, so much so that pure cotton bed sheets can improve with age, staying sumptuously soft wash after wash. We recommend washing your cotton bed sheets at least once a fortnight if not every week, paying attention to the instructions on the care label. 

Our Hotel Collection flat and fitted cotton bed sheets can be machine washed at 40 degrees on a gentle cycle, ensuring long-lasting freshness. While nothing beats the feeling of line-dried bed sheets, they can also be tumble dried on a cool setting if the weather isn’t obliging or time is of the essence. The durability and effortless maintenance of our premium cotton bed sheets enable you to create the perfect bed and indulge in oh-so-opulent high-end luxury as part of your everyday routine. 

Selecting the best cotton bed sheets

When it's time to refresh your bed sheets, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure you're selecting the best quality for your needs. Primarily, seek out bed sheets crafted from 100% organic cotton, avoiding synthetic fabrics that are often abrasive and may cause irritation to the skin. Pure cotton is the premium choice, as it’s naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, soft, comfortable and easy to care for. 

The construction of the cotton bed sheet, or its weave, also significantly influences the feel of the material against your skin. A percale weave involves a simple ‘one over, one under’ technique and produces the matt finish and the crisp, light, high-quality feel of our Hotel Collection bed sheets. Sateen features a complex alternating pattern, giving the exquisitely silky sensation and luxurious sheen finish of our Hotel Collection Sateen range.

Finally, you should consider the thread count of your bed sheets. The best thread count to achieve optimum softness, breathability and durability from your sheets is between 300-600, made with single-ply fabric, as demonstrated by our 400 and 600 thread count Hotel Collection. Within this range, the sheets should feel silky-smooth and buttery-soft, but you will also be able to choose linen that matches your personal preferences and ensures the most comfortable night’s sleep. 

Feather & Black’s Cotton Sheet Collection 

We take great care and attention to create the best cotton bed sheets that provide exquisite everyday luxury and comfort while enhancing your long-term sleep health. Our premium flat and fitted bed sheets are meticulously crafted using only the finest fabric, so whether you prefer a cool and crisp percale weave or a silky soft sateen finish, you can indulge in the sanctuary of high quality, pure cotton bed sheets. 

Explore our stunning Hotel Collection bed sheets, complemented by our extensive range of beautifully soft bed linens, and discover the difference that cotton bed sheets can make in elevating your comfort, enriching your sleep and improving your overall wellbeing. 

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