Ethical Sourcing

Feather & Black Statement in respect of sourcing furniture containing wood

Feather & Black sources furniture direct from the Far East and in particular from China and Malaysia. It is our aim to source furniture from factories, purchasing legally harvested timber. The EU Timber regulations, introduced in March 2013 require us to demonstrate that we are buying products where the timber has been legally harvested.

We are classed both as an Operator, where we are first to place imported timber products into the EU, and also as a Trader where we are purchasing and selling timber products which have already been placed on the EU market.

To achieve and maintain the required level of compliance we regularly visit our suppliers and keep and maintain records with the necessary information. Records are kept detailing the species of wood used, country of harvest, timber supplier to our manufacturer and compliance with the applicable forestry legislation. Risk assessments and risk mitigation procedures are considered where we believe sources to be an issue.

Feather & Black takes its sourcing responsibilities very seriously, and ensures that every possible effort is made, to offer peace of mind to our customers.

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