Double Beds

Double beds are a favourite of most standard size bedrooms, with Feather & Black offering a range of styles to suit any taste including wooden double bed and double beds with storage. Our double beds also pair perfectly with the double mattresses.

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How big is a double bed?

A standard double bed is around 4 and a half feet wide (just under 140cm) and 6 foot 3 inches long (190cm). This size is probably the most common and widely available in the UK, being a comfortable size that’ll work for almost every type of sleeping position. Two people can share this size of bed with ease, allowing for enough room to give both an undisturbed sleep without taking up too much space in a bedroom.

 Double beds with storage

If you’re looking for practical storage options for your bedroom then it’s worth taking a look at our ottoman bed range, complete with underbed storage so you can hide away any extra linen or out of season clothes in an out of the way place.

 Metal & wooden double beds

We have a range of metal and wooden frames that vary in width and length so you can find the right one to fit the colour and style of your bedroom, guest bedroom or even for adding into a home office. From our timeless Oliver metal bed frame to our shaker styled Marblehead wooden beds, you’ll find the perfect bed to suit your style.

 Upholstered double beds

Our upholstered double beds give you an immense amount of control over the customisation of your bed so you can create the one that matches your tastes perfectly. Our Handmade For You service means you can design your ideal bespoke bed, bringing together the exact size, style, fabric and extra features that you’re looking for.

 High quality double beds from Feather & Black

We believe the perfect bedtime involves a combination of style, comfort and practicality. Our wide range of double beds and mattresses will stand the test of time, helping to create the perfect bedtime for you and your loved ones.

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