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Double beds are a favourite of most standard size bedrooms, with Feather & Black offering a range of bed styles to suit any taste including wooden double beds and double beds with storage. Our double beds also pair perfectly with the double mattresses.

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How big is a double bed?

It’s important to choose the according to the space available and your individual sleeping style. Double beds are one of the most common bed sizes in the UK as they are perfect for comfortably sleeping two people and make a huge impact in any bedroom. Standard 135cm wide by 190cm in length, or 4ft 6” x 6ft 3”. The height will depend on the thickness of the mattress and the style of bed frame.

How much are double beds?

Double beds can vary in price depending on the frame style, mattress and any additional features, such as storage. However, there is a double bed frame for every budget. Whether you’re looking to invest in a statement piece for your bedroom, or would prefer something lower in price, you can find a double bed frame for every room and price range at Feather & Black. Discover our most popular double bed frames here.

How big is a double bed in centimetres?

Double beds are most commonly measured in feet and inches, however, if you’re looking for the size of double beds in centimetres, a standard sized double mattress measures 135cm wide by 190cm in length.

How to fit a double bed in a small room

If you’re looking to fit a double bed in a small room, then you’ve got to be clever with the space available. Opt for a streamlined double bed, with a narrow headboard and no footboard, as this will allow you to save valuable space.

By fitting a double bed into a small room, you may struggle to fit other furniture options in the room. However, an ottoman or divan storage bed can provide you with that all-important storage space for a small room.   

However, if you really are struggling to fit everything in, then why not opt for a small double bed to save a little bit of space? Explore our collection of small double beds.

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