Explore our range of luxury duvets that are super soft, lightweight and offer superior insulation for that perfect night’s sleep. We have a whole host of feather duvets, down duvets, anti-allergy and supremely soft duvets all in a range of togs. And from single through to emperor sized luxury duvets, we’ve got the whole family covered.

What is a tog on a duvet?

A tog measures how effectively your duvet retains heat, allowing you to keep warm or cool during the night. Ultimately, the higher the tog, the more your duvet will retain heat and vice versa. Find more information about togs with our buyers guide to bedding.

What tog duvet should I have for winter?

We recommend your winter duvet to be between 10.5 and 13.5 tog rating. During the harsh cold months, the higher tog rating will allow you to stay warm in the bitter, cold nights.

Can you wash a duvet?

Yes, you can wash a duvet. Many duvets are machine washable on a 40° or 60° degree machine cycle, followed by a cool tumble dry only. Allowing your duvet to stay fresh and durable for longer.

What tog is a summer duvet?

In the summer months, we recommend a 2.5 to 7 tog rating for your summer duvet. This will allow you to stay cool in the warmer months, whilst gaining a restful, cool sleep each night.

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