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Snuggle down and get cosy with our exclusively designed range of luxury bedding including high-quality bed linen and deeply luxurious duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and more. Whether it’s 100% linen, the finest natural feather and down or anti allergy you need, we can create your perfect bedtime.

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A duvet’s filling is the most important thing about it and determines its character and how it behaves. It’s also very much a personal preference.

Natural Duvets

Our Natural Duvets are filled with the finest feather and down and encased in a 100% cotton cambric cover. They’re super soft, luxurious and insulating, allowing your skin to breathe whilst keeping you beautifully snug.

Down-filled duvets

Down is found on the belly of a bird and lies beneath the protective layer of outer feathers. It’s light, fluffy, soft and airy and is by far the most prized and best performing duvet filling.

Our down-filled duvets are lofty, lightweight and offer the best level of warmth due to the superior insulating properties of down and keep you at just the right temperature.

Feather-filled duvets

Feathers are heavier as they’re larger and more robust, making them a great filling as they offer support and durability. Our feather-filled duvets are plump and cocooning.

Feather & down filled duvets

Feather & down-filled duvets provide a happy marriage of weight and warmth and benefit from the insulating properties of down and the durability and structure of feathers.

Anti-Allergy Duvets

Our Anti-Allergy Duvets are made from soft, man-made fibres and are fully machine washable, making them perfect for kids or for those allergic to natural fillings or dust mites.

Our Anti-Allergy Duvets are made from sensifil polyester fibres which are approved as asthma and allergy friendly by the Allergy Standards body, contain synthetic, non-allergenic filling, and are encased in a 100% polyester cover, so you can sleep easy and allergy free.

The tog rating tells you the warmth of a duvet based on its ability to trap warm air around you. Togs work on a scale - the lower the tog the lighter the duvet, the higher the tog the warmer it will be, so you should think about using a different tog depending on the season. We work to the following:


6 - 10.5 tog

A midweight duvet to keep you warm on cooler nights


4.5 - 6 tog

A lightweight duvet to keep you comfortably cool


6 - 10.5 tog

A cosy duvet to keep you snug


12 - 13.5 tog

A real Winter warmer to cocoon you all night

All Seasons

All* our duvets come with buttons or buttonholes so you can choose your own low tog and high tog combination to create your own, bespoke all seasons duvet. Our low tog duvets have buttons that marry up to the high tog duvets that have buttonholes. Create away!

* Except for our Anti-Allergy, Goose Feather & Down and our Eiderdown duvets.

Here’s a handy size guide for our duvet covers. All sizes are listed as width x depth.


(W135 x L200cm)

Shop Single


(W200 x L200cm)

Shop Double


(W230 x L220cm)

Shop King

Super King

(W260 x L220cm)

Shop Super King


(W290 x L235cm)

Shop Emperor

These measurements are for both our pillows and pillowcases. All sizes are listed as width x depth.

Oxford / Standard

(W50 x D75cm)


(W65 x D65cm)

Super King

(W50 x D90cm)


Low Profile (W40 x D70cm)

High Profile (W42 x D64cm)

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