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Six simple steps to lasting bedroom luxury

Bedroom luxury is décor and dressing based, but it’s more than that – it’s about making the room a sanctuary, retreat, somewhere private and restorative. Thankfully, a few simple changes can transform your own private sanctuary and give you season to season comfort. Here’s how we’ll be giving our bedrooms a luxurious makeover in just a few simple steps.

Integrate classic and timeless hardware pieces

Classic hardware such as chairs, vanity sets, and wardrobes set the tone for your bedroom. Wooden furniture pieces in particular elevate a room’s luxurious feel with their timeless finish, or can be easily upcycled or modified to suit changing styles if you wish as the years pass.

If you’re planning on investing in durable and quality furniture this year, you’re not alone. Investing in high-quality sets can seem daunting, but a splurge on low maintenance, timeless hardware is an investment worth making. You’ll be able to maintain that luxurious feel for longer with little effort, and eliminate the need to regularly refresh key pieces.

Invest in a thick duvet

Thicker duvets with a high tog are the perfect winter investment. In fact, searches for ‘thick duvet’ have increased by 663% in the UK over the last five years. Natural fillings are a great all-season choice, keeping you cool in the summer and toasty warm come winter.

A heavy and thick duvet will also give you that hotel-feel at home, replicating the most-loved styles from top boutiques.

Add a large headboard

Analysis of Pinterest data has found that larger headboards, even ‘headboard walls’, are a steadily growing luxurious trend. A headboard is often the centrepiece of your bedroom and a larger headboard, or headboard wall, undoubtedly determines the feel of a space. By using panelling, or a neutral toned headboard, you can add that piece de resistance to the room.

Incorporate layers of colour and texture

For anyone hesitant to incorporate a bright colour scheme into the bedroom, a decorative throw or blanket can be the ideal way to add a pop of colour to a neutral toned room. A throw or blanket at the end of the bed can tie the room together and make the bed the focal point of the room, adding rich textures and a sense of luxury.

If adding a throw or blanket isn’t quite to your taste, investing in other statement pieces, such as wall art, can be one of the easiest ways to make your bedroom feel luxurious. Focus on a few key pieces rather than filling your walls – the larger the wall art, the more impactful and luxurious the finish.


One of the simplest, yet most effective ways of adding a luxurious look to your bedroom is avoiding clutter. Having numerous, often mismatched items around the room can be distracting. Keeping a clean and clear space can convey luxury with very little effort. Large storage options can help you achieve this look, whether you opt for a statement chest of drawers or an ottoman storage style bed.

Switch to blackout curtains

Using blackout curtains is a quick and simple way to add a hotel room finish to your bedroom. Offering you deep inky respite every time you slumber, they darken your room to give you a better night’s sleep, whilst displaying a clean simple finish for a highly luxurious feel you’ll love coming home to.

For colour inspiration that will keep you cosy all season long, find out how to bring the earth tone trend to your home.

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