Our bed pillows are the perfect combination of support and comfort. The type of pillow you need depends on how you sleep, and whichever bed pillow you choose, it should support your head, neck and shoulders and keep your body in alignment. Our range of natural feather pillows and anti-allergy pillows come in either a firm or soft/medium level of firmness to keep you sleeping soundly all night.

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How should I wash pillows?

Pillows can be washed at home, on a 40° or 60° degree machine cycle, combined with a cool tumble dry. We recommend checking the care instructions on your pillow before washing, as each pillow can differ.

How many pillows can be on a bed?

There is no official limit on how many pillows you can have on a bed. When sleeping, it is recommended to sleep with one pillow to allow your body to maintain an ideal sleeping position. However, you may wish to display scatter cushions on your bed to create a cosy atmosphere in your humble abode. Simply move them prior to sleeping.

Can you put pillows in the tumble dryer?

Yes, you can put your pillows in the dryer. However, to ensure your pillows are not damaged, we recommend a cool tumble dry and to check on your pillows regularly whilst in the dryer.

How do I choose a pillow?

To choose the most ideal pillow for a deep sleep, there are a few factors to consider; from sleeping positions to the filling of the pillow. To help you choose the perfect pillow, discover our buyers guide to bedding with more information.

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