Chest of Drawers

Storage has never looked so stylish with our exclusively designed range of chest of drawers. Our wide selection comes in all shapes, styles and sizes, offering versatile storage in a combination of drawer options. Whether you need a tall or wide chest of drawers, three drawers or seven, all our bedroom chest of drawers are beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed.

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  Black   Dark Wood   Ivory   Light Wood   Natural Wood   Pale Weathered Oak   Weathered Oak   White Marble
Aubrey Casterton Emporium Salcombe Sienna Sienna Rattan Vintage Rattan
Ash Natural Wood Painted Wood Pale Weathered Oak Rattan Weathered Oak
£479 - £1,499

How tall is a chest of drawers?

Whilst the height of a chest of drawers can differ, a chest of drawers ranges from 44 to 60 inches tall, including the height of a tall chest of drawers. The perfect versatile addition to any bedroom!

How do I measure a chest of drawers?

When measuring a chest of drawers, we recommend measuring from the floor to one of the drawers’ sides and repeating for the sides and the front of the drawer. This will provide the best measurements and will highlight if the drawers would fit in your desired space.

How do I decorate a chest of drawers?

Make your chest of drawers into a focal feature in your bedroom. A perfect addition if you struggle with shelf space to have those final touches prominently on show. Display your favourite artwork or a complementing ornament to tie together your colour scheme. Every so often you may also want to add a burst of freshness with seasonal flowers.

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