Zip and Link Mattresses

The Zip and Link mattress gives the option of connecting mattresses of different tensions together. This means that everyone can get the correct independent mattress support they need. Choose your left and right tensions ranging from gentle through to extra firm and your preferred size of bed, be it a king or super king.

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What is a zip and link mattress?

A zip and link mattress consists of two individual single mattresses of differing tensions that are zipped together along their long side to create a king, super king or emperor bed. What's special about these zip together mattresses is that each mattress is independently structured so if you and your partner prefer different levels of firmness you can choose your left and right tensions so that everyone gets a great night's sleep and gets the correct, independent support they need.

Are zip and link mattresses comfortable?

Zip and link mattresses are most definitely comfortable. The design and placement of the zipping feature means you will not be able to feel the zip whilst you are sleeping, creating a lovely, blissful sleep for you and sleeping partner.

Choose a firmness level to suit your needs

Our range of zip and link mattresses offer four tension options – gentle, medium, firm and extra firm, and you can choose the same or differing tensions for the left and right side. The position you sleep in can help determine the tension you require, with the key focus being about keeping your body aligned. For advice on how firm your mattress should be, read our helpful mattress buying guide.

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