Emperor Mattresses

Emperor mattresses offer the most generous amount of sleeping comfort and space. Beautifully indulgent, these mattresses are perfectly paired with our emperor beds.

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Spring Count
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Cashemere Cashmere Egyptian Cotton Hemp Mohair Pocket Springs Silk Wool
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What size is an emperor mattress?

Emperor mattresses are 6 foot 6 inches by 6 foot 6 inches or W200cm x L200cm. Offering an abundance of space, you are guaranteed a great night’s sleep with ample space for two people (and the kids!) to sleep in every type of sleeping position.

As this is our largest available mattress it is important to ensure it fits in your space. Read our handy ‘will it fit’ guide and plan out where to place your new emperor mattress and bed!

Is an emperor the same as super king?

No, an emperor mattress is larger than a super king-sized mattress. Whilst the length of both the emperor and king-sized mattresses are the same, the width is slightly wider by a foot.

How many people can fit in an emperor bed?

An emperor mattress can comfortably fit two adults with enough wiggle room with the added additions of a small child or a family pet.

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