French Style Beds

Discover elegant designs that exude charm and sophistication in our French bed collection. Imbuing your room with a classic romantic feel, French style beds create a centrepiece that stands the test of time, with ornate carved details, sumptuous linen upholstery and our signature weathered oak.

Set the classic yet romantically enriched French tone within your bedroom, with Feather & Black's range of French beds. Explore French-style beds in a plethora of materials from rattan, weathered oak and classic linen framings, evoking a timeless finish with sinuous accents, lavish upholstery and deep-buttoned frames. Our French beds are the perfect addition to your boudoir, with chic neutral hues, in a range of bed frame sizes, you can transform your space in an instance.

What is a French-style bed?

A French-style bed is often a bed designed with the influence of French furniture aesthetics, incorporating structural designs, patterns, mouldings and regional fabrics. French head frames may often encompass curvaceous carvings and intricately yet elaborately designed headboards.

What sizes do French-style beds come in?

Our French-style beds are available in all standard bed sizes, including single, double, king and super king, so you can effortlessly pair your choice of mattress alongside. However bed frame sizes may vary depending on their shape and styles, so ensure you check each dimension guide carefully when selecting your bed of choice.

Can I mix French-style beds with other furniture styles?

French-style beds are a timeless aesthetic to opt for within your home bedroom interiors. You can incorporate other furniture styles effortlessly with its provincial versatility. Opt for designs with clean, simple lines and neutral colours to seamlessly integrate French furniture into contemporary decor schemes. Pair with neutral bedding and classic bedroom furniture to make your french style-bed a focal point.

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