Mattress & Pillow Protectors

A mattress protector is a great way to prolong the life of your mattress and similarly, a pillow protector will do the same for your pillow. Not only is it hygienic but it keeps your bed fresher and softer by adding a quilted layer between you and your mattress and pillow. Our waterproof mattress protectors are great for little ones whilst our non-allergenic protectors help keep allergies at bay and all our protectors are 100% cotton and machine washable.

What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is a removable cover which helps to protect your mattress directly from damage and allergens, such as bed bugs and dust mites. Mattress protectors can also help prolong the life of your mattress.

Can you wash a mattress protector?

Yes, washing a mattress protector is certainly allowed. Feather & Black mattress protectors are machine washable at a 40° degree wash and can be followed by a cool tumble dry spin.

What does a pillow protector do?

A pillow protector acts as an extra cover for your pillow. This protects against usual wear and tear, as well as other things such as sweat and any spillages. Ultimately, helping to protect and prolong the life of your pillow.

How often should I wash pillow protectors?

We recommend washing your pillow protector at least once a month. This ensures optimum cleanliness for your pillow and the pillow protector.

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