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Good bedding is the foundation of a restful night’s sleep, so it’s worth getting it right. Let us help you find your perfect bedding and that good night’s sleep will be closer than you think.


What tog should you buy?

The tog rating tells you the warmth of a duvet based on its ability to trap warm air around you. Togs work on a scale - the lower the tog the lighter the duvet, the higher the tog the warmer it will be, so you should think about using a different tog depending on the season. We work to the following:


6 - 10.5 tog

A midweight duvet to keep you warm on cooler nights


4.5 - 6 tog

A lightweight duvet to keep you comfortably cool


6 - 10.5 tog

A cosy duvet to keep you snug


12 - 13.5 tog

A real Winter warmer to cocoon you all night


What’s the best duvet filling?

A duvet’s filling is the most important thing about it and determines its character and how it behaves. It’s also very much a personal preference.

Natural Duvets

Our Natural Duvets are filled with the finest feather and down and encased in a 100% cotton cambric cover. They’re super soft, luxurious and insulating, allowing your skin to breathe whilst keeping you beautifully snug.

Down-filled duvets

Down is found on the belly of a bird and lies beneath the protective layer of outer feathers. It’s light, fluffy, soft and airy and is by far the most prized and best performing duvet filling.

Our down-filled duvets are lofty, lightweight and offer the best level of warmth due to the superior insulating properties of down and keep you at just the right temperature.

Feather-filled duvets

Feathers are heavier as they’re larger and more robust, making them a great filling as they offer support and durability. Our feather-filled duvets are plump and cocooning.

Feather & down filled duvets

Feather & down-filled duvets provide a happy marriage of weight and warmth and benefit from the insulating properties of down and the durability and structure of feathers.

Anti-Allergy Duvets

Our Anti-Allergy Duvets are made from soft, man-made fibres and are fully machine washable, making them perfect for kids or for those allergic to natural fillings or dust mites.

Our Anti-Allergy Duvets are made from sensifil polyester fibres which are approved as asthma and allergy friendly by the Allergy Standards body, contain synthetic, non-allergenic filling, and are encased in a 100% polyester cover, so you can sleep easy and allergy free.

What size are our duvets?

Here’s a handy size guide for our duvet covers. All sizes are listed as width x depth.


(W135 x L200cm)

Shop Single


(W200 x L200cm)

Shop Double


(W230 x L220cm)

Shop King

Super King

(W260 x L220cm)

Shop Super King


(W290 x L235cm)

Shop Emperor


What’s your sleeping style?

When it comes to pillows you want the perfect combination of comfort and support for your head, neck and shoulders and what you need depends on how you sleep in order to keep your body in alignment.

Back Sleeper

If you sleep on your back, you’re more likely to only need one, softer pillow to provide you with gentle support.

Side Sleeper

If you sleep on your side, you’ll need a little more height and will benefit from a firmer and loftier pillow – you may even need two.

Front Sleeper

If you sleep on your front, you’ll want a super-soft pillow that you can sink into and that will easily mould around your head.

All Sides Sleeper

If you prone to sleeping on all sides, we suggest you use two pillows, layering a soft pillow on top of a firmer pillow to keep you supported and aligned however you sleep.

What is the best pillow filling?

Pillows are just as important as your duvet, they should match in quality and comfort, and work in tune with your body’s needs. We have a range of natural and anti-allergy pillows available, so we’ve got you covered.

Natural Pillows

Our natural pillows are filled with a combination of the finest feather and down. Each of our pillows have a varied percentage weighting of feather and down and this information is highlighted within the product details on the product page. All our natural pillows are encased in a 100% cotton cover.

Anti-Allergy Pillows

Our Anti-Allergy Pillows are made from soft, man-made fibres and contain a synthetic, non-allergenic filling which is encased in a 100% polyester cover.

The sensifil polyester fibres we use are approved as asthma and allergy friendly by the Allergy Standards body and are fully machine washable, making them perfect for kids or for those allergic to natural fillings or dust mites.

Latex Pillows

We have a range of Hypnos pillows that are a natural product and made from 100% latex and come in high and low profiles so you can choose your level of comfort. They are aimed at side and back sleepers and are breathable, supportive and non-allergenic. Latex pillows are firmer and will always spring back, giving more support than a natural pillow.

How are our pillows sized?

These measurements are for both our pillows and pillowcases. All sizes are listed as width x depth.

Oxford / Standard

(W50 x D75cm)


(W65 x D65cm)

Super King

(W50 x D90cm)


Low Profile (W40 x D70cm)

High Profile (W42 x D64cm)

What levels of firmness are available?

We offer our pillows in two levels of firmness: 

Soft / Medium

Toppers & Protectors

What is a topper?

A topper is a great way to enhance your existing mattress rather than replace it entirely and are an easy way to add a luxurious, soft layer between you and your mattress for that perfect, cosy night’s sleep.

Will it fit your mattress?

Our toppers will fit all standard mattress sizes and benefit from elastic straps in the corners to fit it to your mattress.

What’s the best filling to choose?

All our toppers are beautifully soft and made to provide you with maximum comfort whether you choose a natural or hypo-allergenic filling.

Our natural filled toppers use a specific and harmonious combination of the finest feather and down to offer a luxurious, sumptuous layer.

Our hypo-allergenic filled toppers use anti-bacterial fibre and fully machine washable.

What is a protector?

You can prolong the life of your mattress and pillows and keep it hygienic for longer using a protector.

Are there different types of protectors?

We offer a range of protectors to help keep your mattress and pillows tip-top, whether that’s a waterproof protector for your little one or a non-allergenic layer to keep your allergies at bay.

Our range of protectors includes:

Extra Deep


Is it time for a new duvet?

To make sure your duvet is performing as it should, we recommend you replace it every five to 10 years.

Duvets can discolour, develop cold spots or feel lumpy and if you notice these appearing, then it’s time to replace it.  If you’re using an anti-allergy duvet and you begin to sneeze or feel allergic, it’s another sign that you might want to think about a new duvet.

Is it time for a new pillow?

Pillows provide important support for your head and neck, so we recommend pillows be replaced every two to four years to make sure you’re still getting the support you need. 

If you rest a pillow of your arm and it droops, it means it’s time to replace it.  Equally, if you notice your pillow is discoloured, lumpy or flat or you experience neck ache, or your allergy symptoms appear then you need to think about getting new pillows.

Are our duvets and pillows machine washable?

All our duvets and pillows are machine washable but it’s essential to dry them out properly to avoid them becoming smelly.  Please check each item for full care instructions and wash temperatures.

Despite being able to machine wash your duvets and pillows, we do suggest getting your bedding professionally laundered to ensure specialised care and drying.

It’s recommended that you wash your pillow every other month and duvets at least twice a year.

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