Your Guide to buying bedding

Think all duvets and pillows are the same? Think again. Our guide will show you how to find the perfect bedding – whatever the weather.

Duvets - warmth & tog

Tog rating does not refer to the quality of the duvet. The tog rating of a duvet measures how warm the duvet is based on its ability to trap warm air. We advise buying a duvet with a higher tog for the winter months, and a duvet with a lower tog for summer.

Natural duvets

A combination of the finest feather and down, natural filled duvets and pillows are super soft and lightweight, offering insulation and cushioned support.

Synthetic fillings

Made from man-made fibres, this is the perfect alternative for children or those who have allergies toward natural fillings. Ideal if you like to wash your duvet and pillow regularly.


The way you sleep will determine the type of pillow you need to support you. If you sleep on your side you will need more height from either having a firmer and loftier pillow or you may even feel the need for two. Sleeping on your back will mean you are likely to only require one, and this should be quite soft.


Handy tips for buying your bedding

Mattress toppers and protectors

If looking to enhance your existing mattress rather than replace it entirely then a mattress topper is a great option. Available in natural or synthetic fillings, these are great for adding a luxuriously soft layer for a deep night’s sleep.

Protect your pillows and mattress

Every night your body loses a lot of water, which can sometimes be absorbed by your mattress and pillows. You can help look after your mattress and pillow by using a protector, which can be washed regularly – keeping everything clean and fresh.

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