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We have an extensive range of beds to explore, including beautiful wooden beds, marvellous metal beds and an array of upholstered beds. So, whether you're looking for a bed to take centre stage, one to compliment your existing bedroom aesthetic, or a statement headboard, our carefully curated collection ticks all the boxes.

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Luxury beds & frames

Picking the right material is the foundation of a quality bed, which is why we source the best materials to craft all of our bed frames so we can ensure each and every one meets your expectations of a luxury bed. From the minimal design of our popular Oliver metal frames to the sophisticated elegance of a wooden Sienna bed, find your ideal frame and make your nights that bit more restful. We also have a range of upholstered frames crafted to your specifications as well as frames with underbed storage.

What size beds are available?

Choosing the right size bed is vital to ensuring your bed suits your functional need and has the right visual impact. A bed that is too big for your space can shrink the room, whereas a too-small bed frame may look odd. Age, your height and personal preference also play a large part in this choice.

Our bed frame range typically come in the below sizes:


Typically 90cm by 190cm. A single bed can be the perfect size for a small guest room or children's bedroom.

Small double

Typically 120cm by 190cm. Small double beds are the next step up, perfect for a room with less floor space.


Typically 135cm by 190cm. A standard double bed is typically the size of choice for most couples. 


Usually measure 150cm by 200cm. If you are searching for more space to stretch out in then a king size bed is a great option.

Super king

Traditionally measure 180cm by 200cm. To make a statement in larger rooms, the super king size bed is a generous choice. 


Can be 200cm by 200cm. The largest bed frame available at Feather & Black, emperor size beds are the height of luxury. 

How to choose a bed

Generally, choosing a bed or bedframe comes down to your personal preferences in terms of style, but there are other things to consider, such as the room it’s intended for, the number of occupants and your price range. And whilst you want your bed to be beautifully stylish, it may also need to be practical and house hidden storage or extra sleeping surfaces for guests. Our advice is to understand how the room will be used and by who, and then explore the beds and bedframes options available.

What type of bed frame should I get?

Our beds and bedframes come in a variety of styles to suit all bedroom aesthetics and functions. A bed is likely to be the biggest item of furniture in the room, so it should be lovely to look at but also work with the size and architecture of your bedroom.

If you’re looking for a bed for your master bedroom there are lots of options to consider and your colour scheme will also contribute. Our upholstered beds and bedframes can provide vibrancy, colour pops and texture, whilst our wooden beds can create a warmth and that feeling of nature indoors and depending on your bedrooms character you could go for our elegant Versailles Rattan Bed, or for a classic look, our Sienna Bed is extremely worthy of note. 

If style and practicality is needed, then you can choose from our range of ottoman and divan beds. They come in a variety of sizes and make the ideal storage beds. Adding both aesthetic appeal and extra storage capacity to your bedroom. 

For the guest bedroom size and practicality are worth thinking about. Our day and guest beds are great space saving options and offer versatility in abundance, and our storage beds offer discreet hidden storage that can work in place of a chest of drawers or wardrobe.

What is the most comfortable bed?

All our bedframes are designed to be durable and hardwearing. Our beds with wooden sprung slats offer increased comfort as they’re able to respond to your body’s movements and relieve pressure. They can also help reduce strain on your mattress. What makes a bed comfortable is the mattress you sleep on. We have a range of mattresses to suit every sleeper and every bed and here’s why a new mattress might be the key to improving your sleep.

What are the best beds for side sleepers?

All Feather & Black beds and bedframes will accommodate side sleepers perfectly well. Your preferred sleeping position can affect your body so it’s important to identify the right mattress tension and firmness of your pillow that will keep your body and spine aligned as you sleep. A mattress is just right when your body is evenly supported and if you sleep on your side, you’re likely to prefer a soft mattress and a high pillow to allow your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress.

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