Pocket Spring Mattresses

A pocket sprung mattress is made from lots of individual pocket springs, each one sitting within its own fabric pocket. By working independently they provide great support, with each spring reacting to particular areas of pressure depending on how you’re lying. Explore our beautiful collection of pocket sprung mattresses which range from entry level to the epitome of luxury, including our zip and link mattresses that make the perfect accompaniment for your bed.

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£649 - £3,099

What is a pocket spring mattress?

A pocket sprung mattress contains a thousand of individual springs, each sewn into its own pocket of fabric. Pocket sprung mattresses are a fantastic choice of mattress, as each pocket work independently to support your body with incredible pressure relieving support, as each spring only reacts to when pressure is applied to the direct area.

How often should you turn a pocket sprung mattress?

To protect and prolong the life of your pocket sprung mattress, we recommend turning your mattress on a regular basis. We recommended turning your mattress ever few months to help resettle the filling of your pocket sprung mattress. For more information on how to care for your mattress, discover our handy mattress care guide.

Can you fold a pocket sprung mattress?

Due to the structural integrity of a pocket sprung mattress, we recommend not to fold your pocket sprung mattress as this could negatively affect the condition of your mattress.

Are pocket sprung mattresses good for back pain?

Pocket sprung mattresses can help back pain. Niggling back pain can often affect a good night’s sleep, particularly if your mattress is not supportive. The independent movement of each pocket of fabric supports the contour of your body compared to traditional coil mattresses. This can be a good alternative to a memory foam mattress or split tension mattresses.

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