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The enduring appeal of modern metal bed frames

Effortlessly stylish, endlessly versatile, and comfortingly constructed – metal bed frames have enduring appeal for modern sleepers. In this article, journey through their rich history as we discuss how to select a stunning metal bed for your home. 

First, a few lesser-known facts about metal bed frames. They originated in Ancient Egypt as a symbol of wealth and luxury, due to the scarcity of metal. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century that metal beds became all the rage in Britain.

The industrial revolution brought with it brilliant new ways to manufacture products, including beds, so by the early 1800s metal beds were a popular choice. Hygiene was incredibly important at the time, so strong sterile metal frames quickly became the choice alternative to wooden beds. Unsurprisingly, these qualities mean metal beds have retained their popularity through the years.

Modern metal styling

There are many excellent reasons to opt for a metal bed frame – not just their stunning finish.
Today, metal beds are a popular choice for everything from statement master suites to inviting guest rooms. Their varying models include versatile day beds and pull-out beds, in a wide range of finishes and features. Perhaps that is why they’ve become a staple of modern homes.

Their popularity may also be attributed to their easiness to clean and upkeep, as well as their strength and longevity – from room to room or home to home. Choosing a metal bed gives you endless design options, whether you’re creating an ultra-modern industrial space or a charmingly characterful period home.

Historically metal bed frames have been elaborately finished with floral patterns, flowing lines and curving silhouettes. Our range of modern metal beds retain these beautiful features whilst offering a contemporary take with chalky, powder coated paint finishes and elegant, understated shaping.

Read on to dive into the wonderful ways you can style a stunning metal bed frame in your home.

For traditional styling to suit every home

For those who favour a fuss-free finish, turn to our traditional Oliver Bed. There’s a good reason why this has long been one of our bestselling beds. It’s ever so charming with soft curving corners, simple lines, and delicate mouldings. Oliver has no shortage of understated elegance, with everything working in harmony rather than fighting to be the biggest flourish.

For added versatility you can take from home to home, the Oliver bed frame is completely adjustable to your preferred height, with no centre leg so you can enjoy blissfully spacious under-bed storage.
Select your perfect choice from our collection of eight stunning colours, from pale porcelain to bold black, refined mocha brown to striking bronze. Oliver’s ornate industrial styling can be perfectly paired with a soft, minimalist bedscape to suit a range of interior styles.

And how could we resist mentioning Oliver’s delightful bedfellows: the Oliver Day Bed and its charming accompanying Guest Bed. Hugely versatile, this pair make the perfect place to lounge by day and lay your head come night.


Light, bright picks for lasting style

These light and lofty picks make the perfect addition to elegant spaces. With classic shapes that never go out of style, the Frensham and Adde make country living a breeze. The organically inspired Frensham features an elegantly oversized flower petal design, echoed in both the head and foot ends for unified simplicity. Meanwhile, Frensham’s fancy sister Adde is so pretty it’s impossible not to fall for her delicate bow-like shapes and embossed flower heads.

Frensham and Adde add a contemporary twist to traditional metal styles, finished in warm white to add depth to any neutral space or brighten up cosy corners. Their modern matte powder coating gives a durable edge to the delicate details.


For romantic regal details in period properties

For romantic regal details in period properties For period properties, choose the charming Cottingham for statement style that leaves harsh lines and stark minimalism at the door.

Our Cottingham Bed strikes an elegant pose with stunning scallops, scrolls and swirls, in a wonderfully tactile design you can’t help but trace again and again. The refined romantic finish is perfectly finished in a warm white wash of colour, with every detail exquisitely rounded and curved for a soft, inviting feel.


For classic hotel styles, built for statement spaces

Think roaring fires, inviting armchairs and a bed that can’t wait to welcome you. Now imagine bringing that feeling out of your favourite hotel and into your home. For a five-star finish, we have two beds sure to win your heart. Enter Beaumont and Henley – classic by name, classic by design.

Henley’s traditional castings, exquisite mouldings and globe finials evoke the utmost hotel glamour. Available in glorious gold brass or slick silver nickel, choose your preferred tone to suit your space.

For contrasting colours that make a statement in any space, Beaumont is the bed for you. Combining the best of striking nickel with brass finials, Beaumont is opulence itself. .


Metal bed frames represent immense versatility and lasting luxury. So, whichever modern metal bedframe suits you best, you’re choosing a bed that stands the test of time and can be paired with any style or trend.


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