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Tempur Mattresses

The unique properties of Tempur memory foam allow mattresses to gently wrap themselves around you body, perfectly conforming to your shape. Tempur has four distinct mattress ranges – Original, Cloud, Sensation and the new Hybrid, each designed for either a firmer or softer feel, for ease of movement or for a faster response to body movement. 

We offer a range of different sizes and styles of Tempur mattresses, delivering a perfect balance of total comfort and superior support.

We offer all 4 Tempur mattress ranges, both in store and online. 

Tempur Hybrid - the latest Tempur mattress on the market, combining both advanced Tempur materials and precision micro coils. 
Tempur Cloud - designed for a softer all over feel, includes a comfort layer for a feeling of almost instant pure relaxation.
Tempur Original - the fimer mattress in the range, offering pressure relieving qualities for the ultimate night's sleep.
Tempur Sensation - the more traditional feeling Tempur mattress we offer, providing the feel of a pocket sprung mattress.