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Our range of TEMPUR® mattresses are more than just memory foam. They all feature the authentic TEMPUR® material developed from NASA space technology that responds to your body’s temperature, weight, and shape, offering uncompromising comfort and support for deep, restorative sleep.

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How long does a TEMPUR® mattress last?

Up to 10 years is the expected lifespan of a TEMPUR® mattress. The lifespan of any mattress can be shortened or lengthened by owner care. Looking after the mattress maximises how long it will last.

Are TEMPUR® mattresses worth the money?

Yes, TEMPUR® is a premium mattress company with more than 30 years’ experience designing mattresses to benefit the sleep in every position. Choosing the right TEMPUR® mattress will improve your sleep.

Should you rotate a TEMPUR® mattress?

No, you should not rotate a TEMPUR® mattress. Due to the unique and patented, one-sided design TEMPUR® recommend that you do not flip, rotate or turn your mattress.

Are TEMPUR® mattresses memory foam?

Yes, the TEMPUR® mattress range uses memory foam as part of their construction. Originally designed for space and NASA, the memory foam has been continually developed over the last 30+ years.

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