Which Mattress
Is Best For You?

When choosing a mattress, it’s important to consider who’s sleeping on it, which room it’s going in, and how often it’s used.

From made-to-order luxury mattresses to one for the spare room, we’ve got you covered.


Harrison Spinks

If you’re looking for a deluxe mattress, this is what to go for. Harrison Spinks have created an exclusive collection of seven mattresses for Feather & Black and are designed to give you absolute support, blissful comfort and are filled with 100% natural, premium fillings.

Here’s why they’re worth the investment:
•    Each mattress is made to order
•    A choice of four tensions; gentle, medium, firm and extra firm
•    Featuring Revolution© pocket spring technology
•    Layered with a unique combination of natural fillings
•    Hand-sewn
•    Each of our Harrison Spinks mattresses are made to order using traditional methods of British craftsmanship and ground-breaking technology.

A little fact for you – Harrison Spinks are located deep in the heart of North Yorkshire; the factory is located in West Yorkshire and the farm and forest are in North Yorkshire. They are the only bed manufacturer in the world to own their own farm... all 300 acres of it.



Zip & Link Mattresses

Our range of Zip & Link mattresses are made exclusively for Feather & Black by Harrison Spinks and allow you to choose the tension level for each side of the mattress. These luxurious, custom made mattressess are particularly useful if you prefer a different mattress firmness or you have narrow access in your house.

Independent Support
If you and your sleeping partner prefer different tensions, our Zip & Link mattresses are the ones for you. They offer independent support as each mattress has their own set of springs and structure meaning you won’t feel your partner moving around as much. With Zip & Link you can connect individual mattresses of the same or different tensions to form a King or Super King. The zip is cleverly concealed under a soft cover to ensure it feels like one smooth mattress. They’re made to order and with gentle, medium, firm and extra firm tensions to choose from, this is a truly bespoke mattress to keep you both sleeping soundly.

Our Zip & Links are beautifully handcrafted, using 100% natural, pesticide-free fillings and provide excellent quality and comfort.

Tight Access
If you live in a house that has smaller doorways, limited ceiling height or difficult stairs, our Zip & Link mattress can be manoeuvred through more easily as they can be unzipped and moved seperately through the house.




Royally appointed mattress experts, Hypnos, have created a range of three mattresses exclusively for Feather & Black. Each mattress is traditionally crafted with layers of soft, natural fillings and pocket springs to provide you with a beautifully comfortable night’s sleep.

Our Hypnos mattresses offer:
•    A choice of two tensions; medium and firm
•    Made to order
•    Hand crafted
•    Up to 10 year guarantee



Feather & Black Mattresses

We design and create all our mattress alongside Hypnos and Harrison Spinks.
They are exclusive to us and carefully selected with you comfort in mind.

Feather & Black mattress start from £105 and there’s one for every room from the spare room through to the master bedroom.



Mattress-In-A-Box (award-winning!)

If you need a quality mattress, fast, this is the one to go for. Our fabulous, 1,000 pocket spring, memory foam mattress is comfort and convenience... in a box.

Awarded a Which? Best Buy accolade, we are very proud of our mattress-in-a-box. Its ingenious design means it’s rolled and packaged into a compact box, making it ideal for quick delivery.

The mattress is encased in a zipped Coolmax quilted cover which is removable and can be dry-cleaned.
The fabric is stretch-knit with advanced temperature regulating additives, meaning you get a comfortable night’s sleep. Once unpacked, it’s ready to use in two hours!


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