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Tennyson Mattress


Posturfil technology equalises the weight of the user, reducing pressure points and eliminating frequent turning of this luxurious mattress. New upgraded spec, now with 4000 pocket springs!

Total: £799

Our Tennyson mattress uses posturfil technology to equalise the weight of the user, reducing pressure points and offering a sublime level of comfort for an exceptional price.

  • Available in tensions 4 (soft) to 8 (firm)
  • 2 rows of side stitching for edge-to-edge support
  • Handmade in Britain
  • 5 year guarantee
  • No need to turn


  • Revolution pocket springs
  • Posturful springs
  • Hempure fibres
  • Wool and cotton blend surface fillings

We offer a wider range of mattresses in store where you can be fitted for the right mattress by our trained sleep experts.

SingleW90cm x L190cm x D25cm
DoubleW135cm x L190cm x D25cm
KingW150cm x L200cm x D25cm
Super KingW180cm x L200cm x D25cm
EmperorW200cm x L200cm x D25cm
Spring Count


Care Instructions

Every effort was taken whilst building your new mattress to ensure that it will provide you with excellent comfort and support for years to come. However, there are a number of steps you can take, during use, to make certain you get the most from your new purchase

  • Do not worry if hollows appear in sleeping areas of your mattress, this is quite normal; it is not ‘sagging’ springs. Gradually, all the fillings will compress to a near even level over the entire surface. Following the turning and/or spinning instructions below, will aid this process.
  • Never roll or bend your mattress
  • We recommend the use of a mattress protector and our 100 night mattress trial is only valid with one and only in-store.
  • Cleaning your mattress every few months with a soft brush to remove dust is beneficial - never use a vacuum cleaner and absorb stains and spillages with a dry cloth or paper towel
  • Our mattresses are deliberately made shorter than the base to allow for the thickness of a headboard and bedding. After a short while in use, the mattress will relax to the normal length.

£30 delivery. For our full delivery terms and conditions please click here.

Our delivery service includes a two man delivery to a room of your choice.

Please note that we charge £30 delivery for our single mattresses and £45 for our double and larger sized mattresses.

We anticipate your delivery to be with you no more than 14 days after the product is delivered into the delivery depot, as stated in the leadtime above. 

It is important that you check whether the goods will fit into your property before ordering - please use our handy measuring guide or contact us for more information.

Please make us aware of any of the following at the point of ordering:

  • Access issues to your property; including road width, driveways, parking restrictions or security gates
  • Restrictions once inside your property; including ceiling height, tight staircases or other furniture in the way - remember to have the room cleared ready for your delivery
  • Supervision of your delivery; please ensure that there is someone to supervise your delivery to ensure furniture is delivered exactly as you requested
Returns Policy

We recommend that you try our mattresses out in store before you purchase online as we regret that we cannot accept the return of a mattress once the packaging has been removed unless it is faulty. For full terms and conditions click here.

25 February 2017 5 stars

Good mattress, may be a bit firmer than expected. The one with the same firmness rating in the shop felt better.

Good mattress, may be a bit firmer than expected. The one with the same firmness rating in the shop felt better.

11 February 2017 5 stars

Well made lovely and comfy mattress

8 February 2017 5 stars

Great bed. Fab quality!!!

3 February 2017 5 stars

Comfortable and well made

19 January 2017 5 stars

So far so good! Seems my descision was a good one.

27 November 2016 5 stars

Good value, comfortable and very satisfied

10 November 2016 5 stars


22 July 2016 4 stars

Haven't quite decided whether I got the correct firmness but seem to sleep well so must be OK

11 March 2016 5 stars

As Above

3 March 2016 4 stars

I have only had it for 1 week and I got it with tension 6. It's comfy so far but I am considering to swap it into even softer.

9 December 2015 5 stars


6 November 2015 5 stars

Wonderful and comfortable - a real treat

9 October 2015 4 stars


24 June 2015 5 stars

Nice and firm and having a great nights sleep so far!

7 June 2015 5 stars

amazingly supportive. much softer than ive had before, but sales guy was right - you dont need memory foam or toppers, a great mattress is all you need. only slight concern is that it has a new mattress smell. good to air for a few days before using/dressing if you can.

20 April 2015 5 stars


15 April 2015 5 stars

6 years ago we bought our first Feather & Black mattress. A Dickens. With ever increasing spring counts the Dickens was no longer available. Still a great mattress but we wanted something bigger. The Tennyson was the one for us. We chose to have 5 tension for both sizes rather than take a 6 tension available from stock. The Dickens is on the guest bed now.

25 February 2015 5 stars

Just what we wanted, my husband says every morning "This mattress is so comfortable". Have waited for years to afford one. All our four children have Feather and Black mattresses and are very pleased with them.

24 February 2015 5 stars

great quality

23 February 2015 5 stars

Best nights sleep ever! Absolutely love it.

2 January 2015 5 stars


2 January 2015 5 stars

As Above

8 December 2014 5 stars

really love it. Like sleeping in a cloud.

14 November 2014 5 stars


12 November 2014 5 stars

Totally brilliant

3 November 2014 4 stars


24 September 2014 5 stars


15 August 2014 1 stars

I've ordered a mattress but got the wrong size Still waiting for over a week for customer service to contact me to arrange replacement

30 May 2014 5 stars

Amazing mattress , loving the natural materials used and the way it's made . Thank you

2 January 2014 4 stars


5 December 2013 5 stars

Wonderful, comfy mattress. Best sleep ever!

25 November 2013 4 stars

As Above

20 November 2013 5 stars


29 October 2013 5 stars

Lovely mattress

9 October 2013 5 stars

Well worth the wait, very comfortable.

12 August 2013 4 stars

I did try out a lot of mattresses in the shop and thought I had chosen the right tension but it is a little firmer than I thought it would be.

26 June 2013 5 stars


29 May 2013 5 stars

As Above

15 May 2013 4 stars


13 May 2013 4 stars

As Above

17 April 2013 5 stars


4 January 2013 4 stars


19 December 2012 5 stars

Delighted. Blissfully comfortable!

19 December 2012 5 stars


14 December 2012 5 stars

very comfortable. great

19 November 2012 5 stars


8 November 2012 4 stars

Mattress is beautiful but considerably smaller than advertised, meaning that it does not fit our bed frame. We are trialing it for 12 weeks to see if it enlarges but this seems unlikely.

5 September 2012 4 stars


21 August 2012 5 stars

This is my daughter and she loves it

21 August 2012 4 stars


13 July 2012 4 stars


16 May 2012 5 stars

Very comfortable

14 May 2012 1 stars

Not very happy with the mattress I chose

28 April 2012 4 stars


8 April 2012 5 stars


8 April 2012 5 stars

As Above

31 March 2012 5 stars

As Above

24 March 2012 4 stars

not exactly what I ordered, but good enough

23 March 2012 4 stars


9 March 2012 5 stars

We already have one and this second one is a reflection of our entire satisfaction with what we have already experienced.

9 January 2012 5 stars


29 December 2011 1 stars

our mattress is the subject of an ongoing customer support issue. the mattress is at least 5cm undersized in both length and width. we have been advised to monitor the issue over a 12 week period. 6 weeks in, while the gap has reduced slightly but we would be very surprised if this reduces further. while the mattress is very comfortable the aesthetic appearance is obviously a massive let down on what is a premium product. we look forward to F&B contacting us in due course to propose an appropriate solution.

15 December 2011 5 stars

Great mattress! Love it. Lots of good sleep on it already. I look forward to going to bed.

7 December 2011 5 stars


5 December 2011 5 stars

It's a wonderfully comfortable mattress, but far too heavy to turn!

18 November 2011 5 stars

Fanrastic mattress

17 November 2011 5 stars


5 November 2011 4 stars


5 November 2011 4 stars

Still settling in but looking very good at the moment.

4 November 2011 5 stars

Never ever have I slept so well.

1 November 2011 5 stars


29 September 2011 5 stars

What a wonderful mattress, every penny well spent. It's a shame that I've had to spend 3 nights of the first month with the mattress on the floor due tothe actual bed breaking. But it's a credit to the workmanship of the mattress that I couldn't tell the difference in my sleep!

26 September 2011 4 stars


25 September 2011 5 stars


11 August 2011 5 stars

As Above

18 June 2010 5 stars

As Above

1 June 2010 5 stars

As Above

24 May 2010 5 stars

As Above

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