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Bronte Mattress


The Bronte mattress uses revolution pocket spring technology to achieve unrivalled comfort. New upgraded spec, now with 4000 pocket springs!

Total: £649

The award winning Revolution Pocket Spring System, layered with HD springs close to the sleeping surface offers responsive support, with natural wool and cotton blend surface fillings for comfort.

  • Available in tensions 4 (soft) to 8 (firm)
  • 5 year guarantee
  • 2 rows of side stitching for edge-to-edge support
  • Also available as a zip and link option
  • No need to turn


  • Revolution pocket springs
  • Hempure fibres
  • British wool and cotton blend surface fillings

We offer a wider range of mattresses in store where you can be fitted for the right mattress by our trained sleep experts.

SingleW90cm x L190cm x D25cm
DoubleW135cm x L190cm x D25cm
KingW150cm x L200cm x D25cm
Super KingW180cm x L200cm x D25cm
EmperorW200cm x L200cm x D25cm
Spring Count


Care Instructions

Every effort was taken whilst building your new mattress to ensure that it will provide you with excellent comfort and support for years to come. However, there are a number of steps you can take, during use, to make certain you get the most from your new purchase

  • Do not worry if hollows appear in sleeping areas of your mattress, this is quite normal; it is not ‘sagging’ springs. Gradually, all the fillings will compress to a near even level over the entire surface. Following the turning and/or spinning instructions below, will aid this process.
  • Never roll or bend your mattress
  • We recommend the use of a mattress protector and our 100 night mattress trial is only valid with one and only in-store.
  • Cleaning your mattress every few months with a soft brush to remove dust is beneficial - never use a vacuum cleaner and absorb stains and spillages with a dry cloth or paper towel
  • Our mattresses are deliberately made shorter than the base to allow for the thickness of a headboard and bedding. After a short while in use, the mattress will relax to the normal length.

£30 delivery. For our full delivery terms and conditions please click here.

Our delivery service includes a two man delivery to a room of your choice.

Please note that we charge £30 delivery for our single mattresses and £45 for our double and larger sized mattresses.

We anticipate your delivery to be with you no more than 14 days after the product is delivered into the delivery depot, as stated in the leadtime above. 

It is important that you check whether the goods will fit into your property before ordering - please use our handy measuring guide or contact us for more information.

Please make us aware of any of the following at the point of ordering:

  • Access issues to your property; including road width, driveways, parking restrictions or security gates
  • Restrictions once inside your property; including ceiling height, tight staircases or other furniture in the way - remember to have the room cleared ready for your delivery
  • Supervision of your delivery; please ensure that there is someone to supervise your delivery to ensure furniture is delivered exactly as you requested
Returns Policy

For important information regarding returns, please click here

18 August 2017 5 stars

Good quality easy and very omfortable

17 August 2017 4 stars

We've only just started using the bed so I'm reserving judgement a little, but so far it's been comfortable.

25 March 2017 5 stars

The right choice of mattress, v comfortable

23 February 2017 5 stars

High level of comfort, Thansk

20 February 2017 5 stars

Excellent perfect No 7 gives us both the best support and a lovely nights sleep

8 December 2016 5 stars


5 November 2016 5 stars

Great feature of Feather and Black beds is that you can select firmness and can switch mattresses if firmness is not right the first time.

9 September 2016 5 stars

As Above

30 August 2016 5 stars

Beautiful build quality and look - delighted with our new beds

24 March 2016 5 stars

I chose the small double version of this mattress and it is exceptionally comfortable. A friend recommended you to me after I tried her mattress (an equally comfortable Tempur Cloud).

19 March 2016 5 stars

Such a comfortable mattress with so many springs that a great night's sleep is pretty much guaranteed!

7 March 2016 5 stars

The tension is harder than my last one which I wanted. I've just brought a matress topper to soften it a little bit but overtime, I know if will be fine. It is so lovely to sleep on.

4 March 2016 5 stars

We love our new mattress --before we had a denver mattress for 10yrs

23 February 2016 5 stars

lovely firm mattress and good looking head bard and base.

8 January 2016 5 stars

Very happy with our purchase.

12 December 2015 5 stars

We wanted a firm mattress and this is a really good mattress. It has been only 2 weeks of use. I would appreciate if you ask for my feedback after a year as that would be the true feedback on the mattress.

1 November 2015 5 stars


25 October 2015 5 stars

matress was lager than in appeared in the shop - the depth of it was a surprise but it is bery comfortable and we have no complaints

15 October 2015 5 stars

Useful to have two people to assist with movement of mattress.

6 June 2015 5 stars

Very comfortable, firm enough and soft enough for any position

9 May 2015 5 stars

Like sleeping on a cloud!

28 April 2015 4 stars

Is a bit smaller than the bed frame which is a shame but very comfy & pleased overall

Is a bit smaller than the bed frame which is a shame but very comfy & pleased overall

24 April 2015 5 stars

Lovely and comfortable

20 March 2015 5 stars

Excellent - soo comfortable

9 March 2015 5 stars

Very comfortable

3 January 2015 5 stars

My guests said best mattress they have ever experinced.

2 January 2015 5 stars

The mattress was so comfortable that we bought another within a few months.

1 December 2014 5 stars


1 December 2014 4 stars


27 November 2014 5 stars


17 November 2014 4 stars


8 November 2014 5 stars

great nights sleep, very comfortable

3 November 2014 4 stars


12 October 2014 5 stars

Great product

9 October 2014 5 stars

Nice. All as expected.

25 September 2014 5 stars


4 September 2014 5 stars

As Above

29 May 2014 5 stars

Firm but comfortable, very pleased!

29 May 2014 5 stars

Amazing product!

19 April 2014 5 stars

My one criticism - the conflicting advice about care. You are warned not to turn the mattress and referred to instructions that tell you to turn it! That is not helpful.

29 January 2014 5 stars


8 January 2014 4 stars


6 January 2014 4 stars

As Above

6 January 2014 4 stars

As Above

31 December 2013 1 stars

I was supplied a mattress in a wrong size (nearly 7cm smaller than ordered). Instead of accepting that the factory produced a wrong size I was given a story how a spring matress stretches and told that I will have to wait for 12 weeks before my request will be dealt with. I am thoroughly unhappy with the product, and the service; and the company is unwilling to rectify the matter. I will also not allow an "inspector" in my home to proof that the matress I received was produced in the wrong size. The result of it is that in the beginning I would have been willing to accept a replacement (a new matress in the right size). Now I will request a full refund, because I am not interested in buying a product from a company which has a nonexisting afterservice, yet provides guarantees on its products. I will never buy uanything where there again.

10 December 2013 4 stars


3 December 2013 4 stars

Excellent bed in general but very disappointed that despite being quality checked by about 5 people, none of them noticed one handle was poorly stitched and is no longer attached on one end so it is virtually impossible to manoeuvre the mattress safely and easily from one side.

27 November 2013 4 stars

The mattress feels very good quality and is comfortable but still getting used to it.

19 November 2013 5 stars

It is perfect for us. We are very happy!

22 October 2013 5 stars

It's simply stunning...

3 October 2013 2 stars

Springing fine, smell horrendous,spinning the thing every week arduous,we should have been warned of all this.

26 September 2013 4 stars


14 September 2013 5 stars

Wonderful comfort.

11 September 2013 4 stars

My mattress is lovely and firm although I think i may buy a topper for it as it lacks the soft layer on top of the mattress that my previous mattress from Dreams had.

10 August 2013 5 stars


9 August 2013 5 stars

I love my bed. Very comfortable

7 August 2013 4 stars


18 July 2013 5 stars

Excellent support

14 July 2013 5 stars


30 May 2013 4 stars


19 May 2013 5 stars

Both the Bronte mattress and the Day bed we received are excellent products, especially as it was possible to order the superior mattresses for both beds ( not always the case with other retailers)

17 May 2013 5 stars


15 May 2013 5 stars

Very good quality and comfort - what I would expect from this company's brand.

13 May 2013 4 stars


8 May 2013 4 stars

As Above

4 May 2013 5 stars

We LOVE our mattress! We both comment upon it every night and we cannot get over how happy we are with the quality. In spite of this, it is very heavy/cumbersome to turn every week but we are following the instructions to the letter. I am thrilled with this product!!

6 April 2013 4 stars

So far so good.

3 April 2013 5 stars

A most comfortable mattress. Sleeping well and no longer have any backache,

31 December 2012 5 stars

Very comfortable! I'm delighted with my purchases. Thank you.

20 December 2012 4 stars

Be warned, though this is a good and expensive matress, it is extremely heavy. It's impossible to move on your own and proves too heavy for the bed frame we were sold alongside it. The bedframe collapsed after a couple of weeks.

18 December 2012 5 stars


10 December 2012 5 stars

The mattress is excellent quality - extremely supportive yet comfortable; and the reduction in price was very appealing. I wouldn't have been able to afford this at full price (£1345) but it was around £720 - fantastic!

10 December 2012 5 stars


30 November 2012 5 stars

Very comfortable, high quality mattress, the bed is so big I can't find the wife!!

30 October 2012 4 stars


2 September 2012 5 stars


29 May 2012 5 stars


22 May 2012 5 stars

We are delighted with the mattress that we purchased from feather & black, very firm but so comfy.

22 May 2012 5 stars


16 May 2012 5 stars

Very good quality but very very heavy to move!!

3 May 2012 5 stars


16 April 2012 5 stars

As Above

10 April 2012 5 stars


1 April 2012 5 stars

As Above

31 March 2012 5 stars

As Above

30 March 2012 4 stars

Softer than anticipated but getting used to it....

29 March 2012 5 stars


24 March 2012 4 stars

as expected

19 March 2012 5 stars

Love the mattress. Feels luxurious!

18 March 2012 5 stars


17 March 2012 5 stars

Excellent quality - you get what you pay for.

15 March 2012 5 stars


14 March 2012 5 stars

Fabulous mattress such good quality,So clever that you can buy in different firmness.

12 March 2012 4 stars

Early days, but so far feels very luxurious. Aware that the mattress I tried in the shop was on a sprung slat base which softens it slightly.

9 March 2012 5 stars

Just what we wanted

10 January 2012 5 stars

Would recommend this mattress every time

7 January 2012 5 stars


6 January 2012 5 stars

very comfortable, apparently, so the Grannies said.

3 January 2012 5 stars

Still finding the mattress very uncomfortable

30 December 2011 4 stars

As a mattress: good- just; but for the drawbacks, which are considerable, see answer to Question 1. If it is marketed as a 'single mattress', it ought to be manageable by a single person - it isn't. It requires 2 people at any stage during use (a fork-lift truck for the home has yet to be invented).

18 December 2011 1 stars

The design is clearly not up to the job. The central support really needs a support. The mattress does not quite fill the space of the bed leaving sight of the base.

4 December 2011 5 stars


1 December 2011 4 stars

Seems excellent

23 November 2011 5 stars

very comfortable

23 November 2011 5 stars

Firm and comfortable

20 November 2011 4 stars

The upholstery is excellent but I am disappointed by its size. Now I have to bridge a 2" gap inbetween matress and bedframe all around. Shame that I hadn't been made aware of that when I ordered it in the shop.

11 November 2011 2 stars

Mattress is very comfortable, however on the Henrietta bedstead it is not deep enough for the sides of the bed and you end up sitting on the edge of the bedstead rather than the mattress.

8 November 2011 5 stars


23 October 2011 5 stars

Lovely, simple to put together. Very sturdy.

30 September 2011 4 stars

extremely comfortable, just hoping it doesn't start to buckle like the last - there are signs that it might.

28 September 2011 4 stars


28 September 2011 4 stars

As Above

26 September 2011 5 stars

The salesperson was extremely knowlegable and we were able to make informed decisions about what type of mattress would suit us. Pleased with the result.

14 September 2011 5 stars

Extremely comfortable, best night's sleep in ages!

2 June 2011 5 stars

I now have a seriously comfortable bed!

25 April 2011 5 stars


1 August 2010 4 stars


19 July 2010 5 stars


6 July 2010 5 stars

As Above

28 June 2010 5 stars

As Above

10 June 2010 5 stars

As Above

24 May 2010 5 stars

As Above

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