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The Art of Decluttering

It’s both rewarding and therapeutic to declutter from time to time, trying to taking a practical look at belongings rather than a nostalgic one. But, of course, large scale decluttering can be a time-consuming activity and sometimes rather intimidating if it’s long overdue.

The changing of the seasons brings with it an automatic urge to declutter, to create new light and space around the home, easing the burden that owning too much ‘stuff’ can have. But of course, decluttering doesn’t only mean ridding yourself of older possessions, it also entails organising your remaining items and using smart storage.

That’s where we come in.

Drawer Storage That Works

A chest of drawers may seem an obvious storage option, but there are a few ways you can maximise the use of said drawers. First things first, choose something that will flow with the style in your bedroom so it’s aesthetically pleasing and not an unattractive, obtrusive lump in the corner. We adore our Chawton 4 Drawer Chest because it offers stylish neutrality, but also decent and varied drawer sizes for versatility, so there’s a home for everything. With stately panelled drawers and dark chrome handles, Chawton is the very definition of elegant. It also comes in both a grey and white painted finish – effortlessly charming.

The famed Japanese organising consultant, Marie Kondo, took the world by storm with her methods of tidying, which includes the use of small boxes within your drawers. These help to divide the space up and keep things grouped together and in set places. It also allows everything to be visible and accessible (if you’re disciplined with your folding!).


A Place for Larger & Seasonal Items

More often than not, cupboard space can be overwhelmed by large items such as winter/summer duvets and seasonal wardrobes. This often feels like an annoying waste of good usable space, but fear not, we have just the solution… an Ottoman Bed. Ottomans offer discreet but impressive storage that sits beneath the base of the mattress which you lift to reveal the space. We have a variety of ottomans to peruse, but for now, let us introduce you to Ives.

Sophisticated, elegant and distinctive, Ives features a beautifully tall, winged headboard with diamond buttoning. Its textured weave fabric is undeniably stroke-able and it boasts generous storage space with a solid base.

Style and storage have never looked so good.


Trinkets & Treasure Troves

Smaller possessions such as jewellery, watches, keepsakes and perfumes also need a home worthy of their own loveliness; a place where they can be safe but also admired. Our Sienna Desk makes a fabulous addition to any bedroom with three neat drawers for all your treasures from jewellery to stationery. The larger surface provides ample space for decorative items, toiletries or the perfect spot for some good old-fashioned letter writing.

Alternatively, our Sienna Dressing Table offers a more compact space and has a matching mirror and stool if you’re wanting to create a corner of calm; a space for bit of you time. 


So, when your spring decluttering commences, remember there are many simple, stylish storage options that can become the perfect home for everything you decide to keep. We ensure our products offer style, storage and practicality in equal measure; no need to compromise on any of it. Hoorah!

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