Storage Saviours You Need at Christmas

Christmas is a time for togetherness and merriment, with inevitable moments of chaos and mad last-minute present buying thrown in for good measure.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, until it comes to trying to find a place for everything. From bulky scarves and coats to the generous gifts you and yours receive from loved ones, space is often at a premium in the Christmas season. Luckily, having adequate storage to house it all can turn an icy nightmare into festive bliss.

Take control this Christmas with our top stylish storage saviours to hold your seasonal favourites and brand-new treasures.

Lymington Ottoman Bed

A place for sumptuous soft furnishings and deliciously warm duvets

Ottoman beds offer superbly generous storage for a variety of soft furnishings. From the winter warmers such as scarves and socks, to wonderfully thick duvets and pillows, ottoman storage can house it all. This unique storage space offers a larger, uninterrupted space perfect for those high tog winter duvets that keep you warm all season long. And when you do get to snuggle down under that blissfully cosy duvet, there’s space to hide the Christmas presents from prying eyes




Gatsby Bedside Table

The perfect place for your festive read

Our Gatsby range exudes Art Deco decadence with its smoked mirrored surfaces, antiqued wooden frame and metal drop handles.
No Christmas gifting is complete without a new book to read, so whether you’re browsing cookbooks or autobiographies, our Gatsby Bedside is the perfect home for your next great read. Lay it atop for a refined finish or in any of the three soft close drawers.


Emporium Grande 3 Drawer Chest

A decadent home for your favourite Christmas knit

Our Emporium Chest, quite simply, reigns supreme. It’s serenely romantic with sweeping curves and crafted from weathered oak. This chest of drawers offers fabulous storage with three large drawers offering plenty of space for your Christmas knit to reside. We all have one, lurking in the depths of our cupboards for its yearly outing in December, so why not give it a proper home in this beautiful Emporium Chest?

If Emporium isn’t right for your space, we have a plethora of other chests of drawers to explore, including rattan fronted, painted, mirrored and wooden styles in all sorts of shapes and sizes to house even the most garish Christmas jumper.


Sienna Dressing Table

For your trinkets and treasures (especially the sparkly kind!)

Our Sienna range is an endlessly classic and enduring design, and our Sienna Dressing Table is no exception.
Crafted from solid weathered oak and beautifully feminine, this dressing table is home to a large drawer and two sweet trinket drawers, the perfect safe place for those extra special bejewelled Christmas treats. Or perhaps it’ll become home to luxurious bath and body sets. <br />The possibilities are limitless, but whatever you choose to keep in these drawers, they are the perfect home for any Christmas treasure.

Our Sienna Dressing Table also has a coordinating mirror to complete the look from season to season.

From beds to bedsides, chests to dressing tables, find that perfect home for all the new treats, delights and presents you and yours will receive at Christmas.


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