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How to Embrace Wall Panelling in Your Bedroom

Wall panelling is an interior design feature dating back centuries, when elaborately carved and intricately detailed woodwork adorned the walls of palaces, temples and stately homes, signifying wealth and status. An elegant staple throughout the Victorian times, and heavily influenced by the minimalist stylistic shift of the Art Deco era and mid-century design, the wall panelling trend is experiencing a renaissance in modern-day bedroom décor. 

The simple technique is a wonderfully sophisticated way of introducing depth and texture to your walls, transforming the feel of your bedroom without overwhelming the space. Wall panelling evokes the ambience of a high-end hotel suite, exuding a charm and elegance that’s both comfortingly cosy and decadently luxurious. Discover inspiring wall panelling ideas to infuse this versatile and eye-catching trend into your own bedroom décor. 

1. Panel an entire wall 

Make a stylish statement in a larger bedroom by panelling an entire wall to create a striking focal point in keeping with the desired look and feel of the space. With so many versatile styles to choose from, it’s easy to incorporate the trend into any modern design aesthetic, whether you’re drawn to the rustic cosiness of reclaimed wood, the Scandinavian-inspired simplicity of minimalist white panels or the timeless elegance of intricate moulding. 

Enhance your chosen wall panelling with exquisite furniture pieces that complement the look without competing for attention. The understated grace of Feather & Black’s Sienna Bed, crafted in weather oak with romantic, sweeping curves and a stunning yet subtle natural linen headboard, effortlessly blends with the classic beauty of more traditional bevelled panelling. 

Mid-century-inspired vertical wall panels elongate your bedroom space and pair exquisitely with our timeless and refined Minho Bed, featuring a beautiful spindle headboard and tapered legs for a design that will never grow old. Horizontal wall panelling in rustic, reclaimed wood creates the perfect backdrop for our charming, metal-framed Oliver bed, with its soft curves and delicate mouldings, evoking the cosy warmth of a luxury log cabin. 

2. Panel an accent feature

In smaller or more intimate spaces, a subtle interpretation of the panelling trend can be achieved with a half-wall design or accent feature. Traditional Wainscoting creates an elegant division and provides a blank canvas for your imagination and creativity to flourish. Embrace the striking contrast of bold paint shades and statement wallpaper or adorn the narrow shelf created with cherished artwork and decorative accents. 

Complement the sophistication of the Wainscoting with our beautifully upholstered Salcombe Bed, featuring a sumptuous, deep buttoned linen headboard framed by a pale weathered oak trim, making it the perfect companion to the elegance of the panelling. The co-ordinating Salcombe furniture collection, with its sweeping curves and refined feel, ensures a cohesive and clean look for an effortlessly timeless modern bedroom décor. 

Embrace the clean lines of vertical tongue-and-groove panels to design a minimalistic yet captivating backdrop behind elegantly simple furniture, such as our gently cocooning Cambourne Bed, for a Scandinavian-inspired ambience. Enhance the aesthetic with modern minimalist bedroom furniture, sumptuously soft throws and crisp, white bed linen to cultivate a comforting feeling of laidback luxury. 

3. Choose a panelled headboard 

For those wishing to appreciate the refinement of modern bedroom wall panelling without committing to a fixed installation, carefully chosen furniture pieces can effortlessly create the illusion of the technique. Envisage stylish statement headboards, elegantly carved drawers and gracefully tall freestanding wardrobes that echo the textured and sophisticated aesthetic of wood panelling. 

Our beautifully carved Casterton Bed Frame features a high, double panelled headboard in sleek painted black or ivory wooden finish that creates a striking centrepiece. Continue the impression of wall panelling with the addition of the handsome Casterton 6-Drawer Wide Chest, with its subtle scalloped detail and wood-textured finish for a distinctly charming and timelessly lavish look. 

The architectural details and rich, opulent textures of our slatted wood Jacob Bed are tailormade for showstopping modern bedroom décor. Its statement headboard is exquisitely crafted in a choice of dark or light-stained solid wood with a winged effect that envelops you in luxurious comfort. The statuesque presence of the accompanying Jacob Wardrobe is softened by the resplendent slatted design, reminiscent of mid-century wall panelling. 

Does wall panelling make a bedroom look smaller?

How you decide to embrace the modern wall panelling trend into your bedroom décor will depend on your personal style preferences, the size and layout of the space and the overall design aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve. Panels do add little depth to a wall, which in turn can make a room appear smaller, however the right type of panelling can work to enhance the perception of space. 

In smaller bedrooms, select simple designs with clean lines and understated patterns, such as neat, Jacobean-inspired squares or the narrow, vertical wall panelling favoured in mid-century design – both of which draw the eye upwards and help create a sense of spaciousness. Lighter hues will reflect the natural light in the room, further enhancing the airy feeling for a warm and inviting ambience. 

Larger rooms can accommodate more elaborate wall panelling, including intricate beaded detailing or contemporary geometric patterns. Darker, bold shades make a style statement and infuse the room with character, while also creating a sense of intimacy and cosiness. By carefully selecting materials, colours and designs that complement the size of the room, wall panelling can become a stylish and functional addition to any modern bedroom. 

Design your modern bedroom with Feather & Black

Whichever wall panelling idea you choose, whether it’s ornate and traditional, cosy and rustic or minimalist and sleek, Feather & Black’s expertly crafted collection of exquisite beds and coordinating furniture ensures a cohesive and harmonious look in your bedroom décor. Embrace the aesthetic that reflects your personal style and unique tastes to curate a sophisticated sanctuary where you can relax, unwind and luxuriate every single day.

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