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How to Add a Pop of Pink to Your Bedroom Décor 

Pink has long-been heralded as a hero of interior design, owing to its endless adaptability and exquisite feminine charm. Far from a colour reserved only for younger bedrooms, it now graces the most sophisticated spaces in a stunning array of shades. From the soothing softness of blush to the bold brightness of raspberry, pink can be infused into your bedroom design in both subtle and striking ways, adding playful warmth and enduring elegance to your décor.  

The beauty of pink lies in its compatibility with all neutral palettes, so whether you prefer calm and serene style or vibrant and dramatic design, you can effortlessly embrace this pretty and colourful trend in your home. Discover how to add a pop of pink to your bedroom décor, tailoring the shades to your own personal tastes to create a haven of sophistication and style.  

Paint the walls pink  

Your bedroom walls are the foundation of your décor, setting the tone for the space and influencing the overall mood of the room. Embrace the pink bedroom trend by painting the walls in a soft and subtle shade that evokes a feeling of serene tranquillity, such as blush, rose or dusky pink. Pairing these muted tones with calming neutrals like soft grey or warm beige effortlessly enhances your bedroom aesthetic, allowing the pink hues to shine while providing a balanced backdrop for other decorative elements in the room. 


For those drawn to bolder, more vibrant shades of pink, consider painting just one wall in the room with your chosen hue, creating a striking focal point that instantly draws the eye and adds character without overwhelming the space. Alternatively, infuse pops of bright colour through a feature wall adorned with floral, geometric or abstract patterned wallpaper in keeping with your desired interior design style. This allows you to experiment with different shades of pink while maintaining balance and cohesion in the overall bedroom décor. 

Add a statement pink bed 

Your bed is the heart of your sanctuary, offering a cosy and comfortable cocoon to snuggle into at the end of a long day, but it also plays an important part in the aesthetics of the space. A statement bed introduces a pop of pink to your bedroom in a subtle and sophisticated manner, serving as a beautiful centrepiece around which to style the rest of your décor. A sumptuously upholstered headboard in a muted shade of pink adds a touch of understated luxury, offering a seamless blend of beauty and comfort for a restful night’s sleep.  

Our carefully curated collection of pink upholstered divan beds and stunning coordinating pink headboards are handcrafted by artisan bedmakers, Harrison Spinks, in the exquisite shade of Seven Blossom – a pale, peachy hue inspired by the beauty of blossom trees in the Spring. Available in Classic, Classic Shallow and Classic Ottoman designs, the traditional-style beds are characterised by their deep sides, which encompass a layer of sumptuous padding and built-in springs for a luxuriously cushioned feeling night after night.  

Indulge in pink textiles 

One of the simplest ways to indulge in the beauty of pink-hued bedroom décor is through the soft furnishings in the room. Embrace luxurious layers of texture in complementary colours to bring warmth and depth to the space. Imagine beautiful dusky pink bed linen elegantly draped with a super-soft throw and adorned with our sumptuous duck feather-filled Velvet Piped Cushions in the exquisite shades of Blush and Charcoal. Frame your windows with light and airy voile curtains in the palest of pinks for an exquisitely elegant and romantic feel.  

For a more dramatic flair in your bedroom décor, introduce more vibrant shades of pink that radiate joy and playfulness, such as a bright raspberry or bold fuchsia. These cheerful and lively hues work wonderfully when infused through statement pieces or patterned textiles, set against the backdrop of calming neutrals for a balanced and harmonious ambience. Our Cotton Collection Soft Jacquard Duvet Cover in subtlety serene sage green beautifully complements and enhances the vibrant energy of bold pink accents. 

  1. Embrace pink wall art 

For a more understated interpretation of the pink bedroom trend, carefully curated wall art is a wonderful way to infuse colour into your interior design without the commitment of painting the walls. Select artwork that complements your existing décor, adding splashes of bright pink to light colour schemes or more muted hues in contrast to darker walls. Let your personal taste guide you towards art that speaks to your soul and sparks joy, whether it’s pretty florals, striking abstracts or statement prints.  

Consider the proportions of the room and the size and dimension of the artwork to ensure it harmonises with the space. In larger bedrooms, embrace the freedom to experiment with big, bold pieces placed above the bed, drawing the eye in and creating a stunning focal point, or consider a gallery wall of multiple smaller artworks to add visual interest and depth. In more intimate spaces, select just one or two statement pieces of pink wall art and introduce pops of colour without overpowering the room's overall aesthetic.  

  1. Play with pink lighting  

  2. Lighting plays a significant role in your bedroom sanctuary, not only in setting the mood with soft illumination but also allowing you to be creative in your choice of fittings. Infuse the space with tasteful accents of colour through charming table lamps, elegant wall sconces, statement ceiling pendants or whimsical string lights in a shade of pink to complement your décor. Gently dim the glow as evening falls, allowing the warmth of the pink lighting to guide you into rest, relaxation and peaceful repose.  

Enjoy pink flowers 

Pink’s beauty and presence in nature is abundant and there is no more delightful way to add a burst of colour to your bedroom than with pink flowers. Floral arrangements, whether fresh stems or quality faux blooms, are proven to infuse joy and positivity into interior spaces, elevating your mood and promoting calm and relaxation. Embrace the classic beauty of pale pink roses, the enduring elegance of deep pink peonies or the bright vibrancy of hot pink carnations for a more homely and inviting bedroom sanctuary.  

The enduring nature of pink interior design is rooted in the incredible versatility of the colour’s shade spectrum, allowing it to be beautifully blended into so many different aesthetics. It is a truly adaptable trend that can be soft and romantic, calming and serene, whimsical and playful or vibrant and energetic. Whether you embrace it wholeheartedly throughout the bedroom or introduce accent pieces for a more subtle feel, let your creativity run free as you find the perfect way to add pops of pink to your bedroom décor.   

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