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Curve Appeal: Calming Curved Furniture for Your Bedroom

From the wavy 1970s resurgence to organically inspired earth tones, curves are officially cool again. It may have started with curved sofas, but we think it’s time for this cosy trend to break into the bedroom. Why, you may ask? With a focus on softening a room for a calm natural feel, curved interiors are tailormade for restful, restorative spaces.

A key trend prediction from Pinterest’s 2022 report, this interior style is all about furniture that feels as good as it looks. Combining soft natural textures such as boucle and linen with swooping lines and gently carved corners, curves naturally create a restful, relaxing space to unwind in. It’s simple psychology; our brains are drawn to curved, comforting shapes which symbolise safety and peace.

The natural fluidity of curved interiors creates the look of overflowing abundance. This is a particularly appealing feature for the bedroom, as just a few key pieces can create oodles of understated luxury without overcrowding your space.

Laid-back layouts

To create a feeling of endless fluidity in your bedroom, first consider your layout. The principles of the curved interiors trend can be applied to any room, provided you find a central point and build your layout around it. Be it a cosy inviting fireplace, elegant sash windows or even your centrepiece bed, angle furniture towards it to create a halo effect.

Consider adding curved side tables and soft comforting chairs to create an intimate, inviting space you’ll long to curl up in.

For spaces designed with relaxation in mind, curved furniture is key.


Soothing colours

Drenching in colour is an essential step to make your curved, cosy bedroom shine. Seek colours inspired by the natural world; the earth, forest and sky are all places to pursue inspiration. Naturally calming and grounding, these organic colours are incredibly soothing and bring to life the very feel of this trend.

For a darker take on neutral, the sumptuous chocolate tones of the Marlborough Bed Frame present a decadent reimagining of classic earth tones, with a gently curved winged headboard to complete the look. The beautifully curved matching Pill Blanket Box is the perfect accompaniment, creating a soft natural finish.

Curved interiors are tailormade for restful, restorative spaces.

Cocooning, embracing shapes

Curved furniture answers the call for comfort, and where better for this than the bedroom? Perfect for aiding sleep, cocooning shapes are the very epitome of this trend. If you’re not sure where to start, it doesn’t get much better than our bestselling Charlotte Bed. Featuring a winged headboard and raised foot end, Charlotte is instantly inviting with a warm, wraparound feel.

It’s all about furniture that’s as comfy and cosy as you feel.

If you’re short on space, the low foot end of the Aubrey Half Moon Bed will suit you perfectly whilst still offering plenty of curved comfort. With an organically inspired headboard in soft natural linen and neutral weathered oak, Aubrey is your choice for relaxed luxury.

Natural textures and sumptuous softness

Finally, incorporate soft natural fabrics to bring every sumptuous curve to life. This trend is about cosiness, so don’t be afraid to indulge in a rich fabric upholstery – these gorgeous textiles are easier to maintain than you might think.

When it comes to irresistible textures, bouclé is one of our favourites. This looped woven fabric is deceptively durable and easy to care for, with a dollop of snugness that makes it perfect for the bedroom. For a bed that’s every inch as cosy as it looks, discover our comforting Cambourne Bed which showcases rich latte-toned bouclé upholstery with an oh-so inviting curved headboard.


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