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Making the Most of Your Guest Room

Hosting family and friends at home can be one of life’s most cherished pleasures. Given that 41% of people place high value on a welcoming ambience when visiting someone else’s home, it’s no wonder we take such pride in creating a warm reception in our own space. 

Indulging our loved ones with a cosy guest bedroom ensures they can truly relax and enjoy their stay, but outside of these occasional visits, is your guest room lying unloved?  

Breathe new life into your guest bedroom design, harnessing the hidden potential of this often-overlooked space to align effortlessly with your lifestyle and better fulfil your everyday needs. Reimagine the role of your spare bedroom, transcending the traditional to provide both a sumptuous sanctuary for guests and a purposeful daily retreat for you and your family. Explore our guest bedroom decorating ideas to ensure you’re making the most of every corner of your home.

Guest room turned home office

Elevate your work-from-home experience by creating a stylish and sophisticated office space within your guest bedroom. Blend functionality with refined luxury to orchestrate an effortless transition from a hub of productivity and focus to a haven of comfort for your cherished guests. This is not merely a guest room with a desk; it’s an inspirational space catering to diverse and dynamic needs.

Elegant furniture pieces that switch seamlessly from home office desk to guest dressing table ensure work and relaxation coexist in perfect harmony. For a touch of minimalist opulence, our exquisitely crafted Casterton dressing table is an elegant choice, while the sweeping curves of the stunning, weathered oak Sienna desk create a charming yet practical workspace come console table. 

Guest room turned dressing room 

For the ultimate in indulgent luxury, transform your guest bedroom into a decadent dressing room that reflects your impeccable taste and style. Every one of your treasured garments and accessories should be lovingly nestled in its perfect place, so let your imagination flow freely, curating exquisitely coordinated furnishings in the finest materials to evoke a sense of romance and glamour.

A timeless, French-inspired dressing table with oval vanity mirror and plush, padded stool sits beautifully next to a generous, weathered oak wardrobe in which to house your cherished clothing. The exquisitely stylish Orla Ottoman Bed effortlessly lifts to reveal concealed storage beneath, offering a discreet solution to stow away items when guests come to stay. 

Guest room turned playroom

For families with young children or grandchildren, the guest bedroom can be transformed into an enchanting playroom bursting with creativity, where imaginations run wild and little ones can explore their boundless energy. With space efficient playroom ideas, you can create an everyday haven for endless hours of fun, while still providing an inviting place for guests to rest their heads. 

Our charming Oliver Day Bed, characterised by its soft curves and delicate mouldings, is made for those magical moments of cosy calm when you and your children cuddle up together. The accompanying Oliver Guest Bed effortlessly enables the transformation of the space into a lavish guest bedroom, complete with a supremely snug and comfortable super king-sized bed. 

Guest room turned personal sanctuary 

You might prefer to preserve your guest room as a tranquil hideaway for loved ones and a secret sanctuary of everyday escapism for you. Create a calm, cosy and clutter-free space with little touches of luxury, where you can curl up with a good book or simply be alone with your thoughts, and occasional guests can enjoy a restful and relaxing retreat. 

Indulge the 64% of people who highlight a comfortable bed and bedding as the most welcoming factor during an overnight stay by investing in a stunning centrepiece bed adorned with the super-soft bed linens. Add plush cushions, a sumptuous armchair and stylish personal storage to elevate your guest bedroom and create a space inspired by the most luxurious of hotels.  

Create your perfect guest bedroom

The perfect guest bedroom speaks volumes about your thoughtfulness and desire to create an unforgettable experience for those who grace your home, but it needn’t be at the expense of fulfilling your own everyday needs. In reimagining your guest bedroom, see beyond it being merely a space for occasional visitors and visualise the versatile canvas awaiting transformation.

Your guest bedroom holds the hidden potential to become a multifunctional space that effortlessly aligns with your lifestyle. It can serve not only as a welcoming haven for guests but also as a purposeful daily retreat for you and your family. Embrace the creative possibilities and let your guest room shine as a true reflection of your home's warmth and hospitality.

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