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The Joys of Coordinating Bedroom Furniture

Style is personal, and whilst there are trends to guide us and inspire us, we will always be drawn to what makes us feel good or is pleasing to the eye. It applies to bedroom décor as much as it does what we wear. Some of us opt for bold and fearless combinations, mixing an array of colour and texture. There are others that go for calming neutrals that create a serene environment. And there are those that prefer order and perfectly coordinating bedroom furniture.

This article is for the latter. Those who enjoy a well-designed, considered and coordinating bedroom. Here are three very lovely coordinating bedroom sets that we adore. All have a wooden bed at their heart, but all are very different styles

To the Moon and Back

It’s hard to know where to start with describing just how beautiful our Aubrey Half Moon Bed is. Could it be the statement semi-circular headboard? The velvet upholstery? The weathered oak bed frame? Or the smooth turned legs? For us, it’s all these design elements together that make for a stunning, centre piece bed for your bedroom.

Our Aubrey Half Moon Bed forms part of our Aubrey furniture range and if it’s relaxed luxury you’re after, then you can call the search off. Our Aubrey 2 Drawer Bedside Table and Aubrey Tallboy are the perfect companions to this bed, sharing distinctive design details. Both feature a narrower profile so they’re great for smaller bedrooms or for a more subtle aesthetic. Of course, coordinating bedrooms don’t have to match exactly, but simply share similar qualities. With this in mind, you could also opt for some of our weathered oak furniture, namely our Sienna range, which will pair beautifully with Aubrey Half Moon.


Painted, Panelled and Pretty

A painted wooden bed feels fresh and light, which is exactly the effect of our lovely Leith Bed. This is the perfect classic wooden bed and features a smooth white painted finish. The tall panelled headboard has an undeniable elegance, with the plinth top and softly tapering legs adding smart yet subtle design features.

To create a coordinating look, our Chawton Bedside Table is the perfect partnership. Its long, tapered legs marry well with Leith’s tall headboard, and two neat and panelled drawers with chrome handles provide ample storage. We love this duo, but it would be remiss of us not to introduce you to our Chawton Bed, if you’re after a truly coordinating painted wooden bedroom look.


A coordinating bedroom look can come in many different guises, it’s just a matter of deciding on and committing to your chosen style and going as far with it as you feel comfortable. A coordinating bed and bedside are no less impactful than an entirely coordinating furniture set. Explore our furniture ranges and see what captures your heart.

For more styling tips, discover our step-by-step guide to creating a signature Sienna look in your home with our best-selling range.

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