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How to Coordinate Bedroom Furniture 

The Art of Beautifully Coordinating Bedroom Furniture

The adage "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" has never been more relevant than when discussing bedroom décor. It is a deeply personal space and one which should reflect your unique style and taste, whether that’s with an eclectic mix of bold colours and contrasting designs or a harmonious marriage of calming neutrals and coordinated bedroom furniture. We're naturally drawn to what makes us feel good as individuals, and your bedroom sanctuary is your own blank canvas. 

For those who enjoy the serenity that comes with perfectly planned and meticulously matching décor – or perhaps feel a little overwhelmed when deliberating interior design – our beautifully coordinated bedroom furniture collections offer an effortlessly elegant solution. Each range is expertly crafted to embody a unique design style, granting you the freedom to infuse your personal taste while creating a seamlessly coordinated look.

Explore three different style aesthetics from our exquisite furniture collections and discover how to beautifully coordinate your bedroom design.

Simple sophistication 

As the pared back and effortless “minimaluxe” trend continues to influence bedroom design, there is no better match for the style than our stunningly sophisticated Aubrey collection of coordinating furniture. Defined by its clean straight lines softened by smooth rounded corners and crafted in the finest quality weathered oak, it embodies the fundamental elements of the aesthetic, embracing high-end materials and plush textures in a wonderfully understated manner. 

At the heart of the collection is the exquisitely chic Aubrey Half-Moon Bed, with its statement semi-circular headboard swathed in sumptuously soft taupe-coloured velvet, surrounded in smooth weathered oak and finished with gently rounded peg legs. It’s a bed that exudes relaxed luxury, serving as a stunning centrepiece around which to craft a simple yet sophisticated bedroom design, particularly when paired with complementary furniture pieces from the Aubrey collection. 

The Aubrey 2 Drawer Bedside Tables are crafted in matching weathered oak and share the same distinctive design features, from the curved peg legs to the smooth, rounded corners. Two generously sized drawers provide space to discreetly stowaway your nightly essentials. More ample storage can be found in the coordinating Aubrey 3-Drawer Chest and Aubrey Tallboy – both pieces showcasing a sleek silhouette to maintain the clean and elegant feel. 

Contemporary elegance

For those who prefer a more contemporary feel, the architectural details and rich, opulent textures showcased in our stunning Jacob collection offer the perfect blend of cutting-edge design and timeless elegance. Characterised by stunning, horizontally slatted dark wood finishes, marble accents and curved profiles, the expertly curated coordinating furniture set creates a truly showstopping bedroom aesthetic. 

The Jacob Bed is a masterpiece in modern design, commanding attention with its statement winged and slatted headboard crafted in a rich, dark wood that brings a touch of lavish opulence to the space. The coordinating Jacob Bedside Tables add to the feeling of drama, mirroring the curvature of the headboard in their soft-close drawers and adorned with an exquisite, solid marble tabletop that whispers of luxury. 

The statuesque Jacob Wardrobe cuts a striking figure, resplendent with its softly curved, slatted wood frontage and weathered antique metal handles. Complete the elegant ensemble with the Jacob 3-Drawer Chest or Jacob Tallboy, both of which echo the wardrobe’s design and are finished with the same luxurious solid marble top as the bedside tables, creating a sense of cohesion and harmony in your contemporary bedroom décor. 

Complementary styles 

If you’ve chosen to centre your bedroom décor around the focal point of a fully upholstered bed, you can still embrace the joy of coordinated furniture by selecting a style that enhances its beauty. Consider the design characteristics, fabric finish and colour palette of your bed, opting for furniture that complements rather than competes with its aesthetic. Pay careful attention to scale and proportion to ensure your furniture pieces don’t overshadow the main attraction of your bed

A bed that features more traditional upholstery, such as the deep-button detailing and rich-toned velvet of our Charlotte Buttoned Bed, is the perfect match for the classic-style furniture in our stunning weathered oak Salcombe collection. For a cleaner and more modern take, our pared back Scandi-inspired Cambourne Bed, with its cosy bouclé-wrapped cocooning headboard, sits perfectly alongside the simple lines of the Aubrey furniture collection

You may prefer to introduce different textures and design elements into your bedroom décor, pairing your statement bed with a contrasting coordinated furniture collection to create juxtaposition in the room. The smooth velvet upholstery of our Art Deco-inspired Wooster Bed Frame beautifully complements the tactile, textured finish of our Vintage Rattan Bedside Tables and 7-Drawer Wide Chest, creating a harmonious partnership of styles.

Coordinate your bedroom with Feather & Black 

Whether you’re drawn to pared-back minimalism, classic romance, contemporary design or contrasting styles, there is a coordinated Feather & Black bedroom furniture collection to match your individual taste and preferences. Explore our exquisitely designed and expertly crafted range to curate a perfectly coordinated bedroom that truly resonates with your idea of the perfect personal space.

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