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Bring the outside in with the latest trending earth tones

Bringing the outside in is a focus for many interior enthusiasts today. But aside from adding a few surprisingly high-maintenance plants, it can be tricky to know where to start.
In the last year, earth tones have made a comeback in a big way when it comes to interiors. Earth tones add comfort, cosiness and calm to any bedroom – and the great news is, it’s incredibly straightforward to incorporate this trend in any space! In this article, discover simple ways to bring the earth tone trend to your bedroom.

What is an earth tone colour palette?

Earth tones are a complimentary group of organic colours that represent the natural world. Rich hazel browns, olive greens and touches of rust offer a natural, earthy palette to compliment the desire for continued hibernation and comfort. With a generally muted, neutral feel, an earth tone colour palette is likely to also include soft greys, beiges and blues.

It’s important to take some time to consider which earth tones most closely align to your interior style before redesigning. The earth tone colour palette is naturally diverse, so focusing on a few key colours will help you keep a cohesive look.
Consider whether you’d prefer to stay at the neutral end of the spectrum with soft taupe and sage green, or if you’re more excited by bolder blues and deep browns. Earth tones are muted, but that certainly doesn’t mean they have to be dull.

As a rule, keeping a few neutrals alongside any bold choices in your palette can give you more creative freedom. But regardless of what you choose, selecting your own refined colour palette is an important starting point.

If you’re unsure which colours to commit to, a neutral bedframe offers unlimited versatility. The Cambourne Bed Frame's irresistible latte-tone boucle upholstery is a great option for a variety of interiors, with a signature winged headboard to help you settle into a calm night’s sleep.

How can I start to add earth tones to my home?

Now for the décor! Rather than jumping straight in with a paintbrush, adding a few simple accessories is a great place to start. Choosing a mix of textures can help evoke the rough, natural elements of the earth tone trend. Consider rattan accents, tactile throws in chunky-knit finishes, or rough-textured pottery (perfect for adding extra plants).

To further the sensory experience, bring earth tones to life through beautiful upholstery in soft, tactile velvets, boucle and brushed cotton to make your home a real sanctuary from the outside world. Button detailing, art deco lines and cocooning curves create the ultimate luxe feel. When you are ready to pick up the paintbrush, consider your neutral colours as a base to build from. In smaller spaces, the deep greys, blues and greens of an earthy palette work exceptionally well as accents, while warm beige and brown start the perfect canvas.

For incomparable cosiness in snug bedrooms, choose our Charlotte Bed Frame. You’re sure to love the cocooning effect of Charlotte's matching winged head and footboard.
Her organically inspired curved finish perfectly encompasses the earth tone look, matched with luxurious sage-green velvet for a calming, natural feel.

How do I create an earth tone bedroom?

Earth tones naturally lend themselves to the bedroom due to their warm, settling feel, so it’s natural to consider a new bedframe as part of your redesign. Feather & Black’s SS23 collection focuses on bringing comfortable luxury to your home and features a range of standout pieces to complete any earth tone bedroom.

If you’re adding a pop of colour, sink into Marlborough's sumptuous chocolate velvet. With high-detail finishes including a deep buttoned, winged headboard, Marlborough's low foot end ensures you’re still connected to the world around you.

Keep things clean with Marlborough's luxurious accompanying Pill Blanket Box. Store your bedroom essentials in style with this companion piece, designed to cut the clutter and maintain a cohesive finish in your stylised space.

For statement spaces, look no further than the characterful Wooster Bed Frame. This charming choice adds Art Deco flare in the clean lines of a high headboard, paired with rich earthy velvet. This warm, inviting choice is the perfect accompaniment to any earth tone bedroom.

Is an earth tone bedroom right for me?

Far from a time-locked trend, earth tones will add a lasting look to any space. With incredible versatility and ability to customise to any interior style, earth tones represent a renewed reverence for the natural world, which certainly won’t go out of style. Moreover, earth tones can transform your home into a warm and inviting oasis all year round. Increasingly interior trends are focused on how your home makes you feel, and for those seeking safe and comforting spaces, look no further than an earth tone palette.

For bedscape inspiration to complete your look, discover our top tips to keep your bed looking its best between sleeps.

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