Five Minutes With: Theresa Gromski, Artist

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Sit down with award-winning artist Theresa Gromski in a brand-new instalment in our Five Minutes With series. With a passion for illustration and interior design, in this article Theresa shares how form and function collide to create the perfect home. Delve into her world of creative and sustainable home décor, inspired in no small part by the great outdoors. 

Q: How did your interiors journey begin?

A: I’ve always loved interiors, styling and decorating my home. When I was little, I was always rearranging my room and I suppose I’ve never really stopped!


Q: Where else do you find your inspiration? Describe your interiors style in 3 words.

A: Cosy, vintage, bohemian.


Q: As an illustrator we can see how much joy you take from art, from creating beautiful blackboard sketches on your kitchen walls to developing intricate illustrations for work… how does art influence your style choices at home?

A: Art influences my home in different ways, from my love of subtle colour through to the composition, styling and arranging of furniture and accessories in my home. In other ways, my home is more literally influenced by the art I’ve created for my walls, and by the prints, paintings, ceramics, and textile art from friends and family I display around my home. 

I like having unique pieces rather than off-the-shelf prints that you can see in numerous homes; I want my home to be completely personal to me.


Q: Where else do you find your inspiration?

A: I get a lot of inspiration from travel and other cultures. I love orientalist, Moroccan and Indian interiors in particular. I’m also inspired by Scandinavian design. 

Q: Having kids, do you have any top tips for managing the inevitable clutter that comes with them?

A: Storage! And lots of it.


Q: Have you ever had any decorating disasters?

A: Not recently… but I once painted my living room a hideous yellow and immediately painted over it! 


Q: Do you think the perfect home is ever ‘done’? And why?

A: No, because I believe our tastes are constantly changing and evolving. Plus, once you’ve decorated your whole house, inevitably the first room you did will need doing again! 


Q: You’ve recently styled one of our new accent chairs in not one, but three places around your home! Tell us a bit about that.

A: I love versatility in a piece of furniture. I think it’s always interesting to try different pieces in various rooms and have the option to create different looks. I have bedside tables as side tables in my living room, sideboards as bedside tables, and I even use pieces of furniture out in my garden! It adds interest and something a little different to your home to think outside the box. I love that my Nora Chair from Feather & Black looks so good everywhere in my home. It’s such a classic piece as well and the neutral boucle looked stunning in every room.

Q: Aside from our Nora chair, what’s your favourite item from Feather & Black, and why?

A: My favourite Feather & Black piece is probably the Versailles Bed. I love the mix of wood, rattan and vintage French style.


Q: We know you love a good upcycle project. What has been your favourite and why?

A: It’s hard to choose! Possibly our garden sofa created from reclaimed scaffold boards, the storage bench in my summer house made from old wooden flowerbed borders, or our bathroom sinks created from old vintage drawers. 


Q: What is your next home project?

A: I’m currently decorating our downstairs hallway; I have a beautiful dark plum orientalist style wallpaper to use.


Q: And finally… what’s your favourite spot in your home, and why?

A: My garden, particularly the sofa on our patio. It’s so peaceful and when the sun shines, I like to call it Bali in Birmingham!

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