Five Minutes With: Daisy Housden, Photographer

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In a brand-new instalment of our Five Minutes With series, we sit down with Cambridge-based photographer Daisy Housden to discuss her love of all things aesthetic. From finding inspiration in the everyday to sourcing vintage gems, Daisy shares her first-hand experience of curating a home characterised by meaningful investments.

Q: Daisy, we’d love to know - when did you first take an interest in interiors?

A: I became interested in interiors when I moved into my first apartment, which was conveniently right next to the town shopping centre. I enjoyed decorating and styling my home so much that I decided to take an interior design course at an open university where I received my diploma in Interior Design.

Q: Describe your interiors style in 3 words.

A: Transitional, relaxed, classic.


Q: Where else do you find your inspiration?

A: I spend most of my time scrolling through Pinterest where I find most of my inspiration for interiors and photoshoots. I even discover new styles that I wouldn't have considered before. I believe that you’ll find most of your inspiration when getting out and about, so I try to venture out to new places with my camera to document and gather all my inspiration together. I’m also a sucker for mood boards!


Q: Being Cambridge-based, do you have any suggestions of hidden gems to visit?

A: I always recommend Mill Road for hidden gems, there are a few fantastic antique shops that I have found some great pieces in. There are also a couple of lovely flower and plant shops with unique finds and a small collection of homeware, one of them even has a coffee shop in! Visit Small & Green for a lovely afternoon.

Q: Your beautiful Golden Retriever Harvey features in quite a few pictures on your Instagram account, but which is harder to photograph – animals or children?

A: That’s a tough one. I would have to say children are more difficult to photograph as they aren't as easily distracted by food as dogs are. Fortunately I have a dog that can't resist being in front of the camera - I’ve trained him well!


Q: Do you think the perfect home is ever ‘done’? And why?

A: As time moves on, I believe your personal style can grow and develop into something so different than it was before. I think your home reflects yourself and as you experience new things and visit new places, these can influence your style in life and at home. So no, I don’t think that the perfect home is ever done.


Q: You’ve recently styled one of our new accent chairs in your home. Aside from our Else chair, what’s your favourite item from Feather & Black, and why?

A: It’s so hard to choose between the Jacob range and the Sienna range, I love them both! If I had to choose one item, it would have to be the Sienna Armchair and Footstool. A part of me has always been drawn to French-inspired furniture, I love the aged and antique yet modern feel to it. I would feel so fancy just sitting in it!

Q: What do you look for when investing in quality pieces for your home?

A: Materials and fabric! When shopping for interiors, my first priorities are durability and sustainability. When I compare my flatpack furniture with pieces I put a lot of thought into and invested in, the difference is huge. It gives me peace of mind knowing that quality pieces will last years rather than just a short while.


Q: What is more important to you, following current trends or creating your own personal style?

A: Definitely creating my own style. With interiors and even fashion I try my hardest to avoid trends as they just aren't sustainable. When I have followed trends in the past, I noticed that I will absolutely love it at first but when the trend wave dies down and moves onto the next thing, I’m over it. Now I buy and create things that I genuinely like and put a lot of thought into and that seems to be working for me.


Q: And finally… what’s your favourite spot in your home, and why?

A: My favourite spot in the house has to be the front room. I tend to spend most of my mornings and late afternoons there, sitting in my Else chair of course! It’s a really peaceful and calm room with no TV, making it perfect to read a book or catch up with loved ones.

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