Stay Cool on Warm Nights

Summer has an abundance of qualities that benefit our wellbeing giving us a much-needed dose of vitamin D, longer, lighter days, and a warmth and smell that evoke the happiest of times.

But as night falls and we retreat to our beds, the heat of the day can feel trapped in the bedroom and a good night’s sleep can be stifled by its presence.

Aside from keeping the window open, which isn’t always practical, the solution lies in dressing your bed in breathable bedding and bed linens that work with your body to keep you at the perfect temperature from dusk ‘til dawn.

Here’s a few tips to keep you cool on warm summer nights.

1. Start with the basics

•  The ideal temperature for your bedroom is between 16 to 18˚C

•  Allow air to circulate and flow by opening doors and windows

•  Always use natural fabrics if you can for your bedding and bed linen to help conduct heat away from your body

•  Wear cotton nightwear


2. A cool duvet

The simplest change you can make during warmer months is to use a lower tog duvet. A gorgeously light 4.5 tog duvet is a perfect summer tog weighting. 

We recommend our Goose Feather & Down Duvet and Goose Down Duvet both of which are great options for summer – light and breathable, providing the luxury and warmth of down with the gentle weight of feather to keep you at the perfect temperature all night.

For those sensitive to summer allergies such as hayfever, our 4.5 tog Anti-allergy Duvet and Pillows are ideal, with their non-allergenic fillings, cover and ability to be machine washed.

If you’re feeling indulgent, our 4.5 tog Hungarian Goose Down Duvet (and matching Hungarian Goose Down Pillow) is what you want as the temperature rises. 80% Hungarian Goose down combined with 20% Hungarian Goose feather will keep you coolly cocooned all night long.


3. Breathable bed linen

The importance of good quality bed linen and the positive impact it has on your sleep is undeniable. 100% cotton bed linen exudes breathability and helps keep your body at the right temperature as you sleep. 

Our crisp white Skye Bed Linen is a fabulous everyday linen. As well as being beautifully delicate with pretty embroidery and drawn thread work, this 200 thread count, 100% cotton percale is as perfectly pretty as it is cool. 

For linen lovers, our Camille Bed Linen is the one for you. 100% linen with a gorgeously relaxed finish, this romantic bed linen is a summer must-have.

If you want to avoid a duvet altogether, our Hotel Collection Flat Sheets offer a taste of hotel luxury, boasting a 600 thread count and a soft sateen finish. Slip between these cool sheets for sound slumber. And why not keep a lightweight throw such as our Torri Grey & White Throw draped nonchalantly at the end of your bed, just in case.


4. Perfect protectors

Mattresses with natural fillings are perfect for wicking away moisture and helping to regulate the body temperature of those lying atop it. To help prolong the life of a mattress, a mattress protector can be a good option. 

We have a range of soft mattress protectors to explore, but of particular note is our Everyday Non-Allergenic Mattress Protector made from 100% breathable cotton and offering a soft quilted cover for a subtle layer of softness, all the while helping to keep allergies at bay.


If you need help choosing bedding, have a read of our Bedding Guide for further information and advice.

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