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Sleep Sound Every Season: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Duvet Tog

Snuggling down under the duvet and drifting off into a peaceful night’s sleep is more than just a wonderful sensation, it’s an essential part of protecting your physical and mental wellbeing and living your most fulfilling life. One of the secrets to achieving this heavenly slumber lies in finding the ideal duvet, one that wraps you in layers of luxury for an instant feeling of cosiness and relaxation. 

When the time comes to invest in a new duvet, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little bit bewildered by the different togs available. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of duvet tog ratings and help you choose the perfect cocoon of comfort from the Feather & Black collection to see you seamlessly though the seasons and into the land of sweet dreams. 

What is a tog rating?

To put it simply, a duvet tog is the rating system used to indicate the ability of a duvet to retain its heat through thermal insulation.

The scale runs from 1 tog up to 15 tog, with 1 tog being the coolest and lightest rating, whilst 15 tog is the warmest and cosiest. Each duvet has its own tog rating, indicating how well it traps hot air between the filling layers and in turn, how warm or cool it will keep you through the night.

A duvet that has a tog of 10.5, for example, is the ideal choice for those frosty mornings and bitter winds of winter, letting you curl up in absolute comfort during the deep midwinter nights. A 4.5 tog duvet, by contrast, makes for an excellent cover for the gentle heat of those long summer evenings with its lightweight construction. If you want to strike that sweet spot between seasons, then an 8 tog duvet works a treat for the gentle warmth of spring and brisk mornings of autumn.

It's important to remember that a high tog rating doesn't necessarily make the duvet thicker or heavier - different tog ratings can depend on a variety of different factors, one of the most important of which is the filling. Let's explore that in more detail...

How does duvet filling make a difference?

As you embark on your search for a luxurious comforter that aligns with your personal preferences, give careful consideration to the type of material used to fill the duvet. The two primary categories are natural and synthetic fillings, each boasting distinct benefits that cater to diverse individual needs.  

Natural fillings 

Natural duvet fillings are exceptionally luxurious, offering a lavish level of comfort that often comes with a higher price point. The most common natural duvet filling is feather or down, sourced from the plumage of ducks or geese to create a beautifully soft and incredibly warm bedding experience. Down duvets are filled with the light and fluffy feathers found on the chest and belly of the bird, while feather duvets use the outer layer of plumage from other areas. Discover more about that here

Feather and down duvets offer a delightful combination of luxurious lightness, supreme softness, extreme warmth and excellent breathability, meaning you stay warm and cosy without overheating overnight. Other natural duvets include materials such as sustainably sourced wool, which is weighty, soft and cosy while also offering exceptional heat regulating properties, keeping you comfortable in the warmth of summer or the depths of winter. 

Synthetic fillings 

For those who prefer an alternative to natural fillings, synthetic duvets crafted from state-of-the-art materials can offer the luxurious comfort of a natural duvet with additional hypoallergenic qualities, ensuring a blissful night's sleep for even the most sensitive sleepers. Rich, microfibre fillings encased in high thread count pure cotton provide sumptuous softness and excellent breathability. 

Maintenance and care

Caring for natural duvets, especially those filled with feather and down, requires some extra daily attention compared to synthetic alternatives. To maintain optimal condition, shake and fluff your duvet every morning, ensuring the feathers are evenly distributed. Feather, down and synthetic duvets are generally machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting. However, duvets with a wool filling typically require dry cleaning only. This regular care routine helps preserve the quality and longevity of your duvet. 

What tog duvet should I buy?

At Feather & Black, we recognise that choosing the right duvet is a deeply personal decision, depending on your individual needs and desires. Our versatile range of luxury duvets is meticulously designed to assist you in finding the perfect balance of warmth, comfort, and breathability. With our commitment to quality and tailored options, you can rest assured that our duvets are crafted to provide a restful night's sleep, catering to your specific preferences, regardless of the season.

Our indulgently luxurious Hungarian Goose Down and wonderfully cocooning White Snow Duck Down & Feather duvets offer unrivalled comfort and breathability all year round. Choose from a 4.5 tog light, summer duvet or a 10.5 tog weighty, winter duvet – or connect the two using innovative cotton ties to create the ultimate all-season sleep sanctuary. 

Our Luxury British Wool Duvet combines the temperature regulating properties and enhanced airflow of pure wool with sumptuous softness and is available in two tog options – 4.5 tog for warmer months or 8 tog for cooler nights. Again, the two duvets can be connected using clever cotton ties to create the equivalent of a 12.5 tog comforter, which is perfect for even the chilliest of temperatures. 

Designed with sensitive sleepers in mind, our Soft as Down Duvet offers an allergy-free alternative. Crafted from rich microfiber fillings, it delivers exceptional softness, warmth and breathability without relying on natural feather or down. It comes in two tog choices – 4.5 tog for spring and summer or 10.5 tog for autumn and winter – giving you the freedom to select your ideal comfort.

Duvet togs at a glance

Tog rating

Which season is it for?




4.5 tog

If you're drawn to the refreshing embrace of a light and airy duvet, a lightweight 4.5 tog is your perfect companion. Ideal for the summer months or for those who prefer a cooler sleep environment, these duvets offer a gentle caress that ensures you stay comfortably snug without feeling weighed down. 




8 tog

For those seeking versatility throughout the year, a midweight 8 tog duvet provides the perfect balance for the in-between months. Indulge in the luxurious thickness during cooler nights, while still enjoying the breathability required for the milder seasons. It's the epitome of flexibility that adapts to your every need.




10.5 tog

As winter unfurls its icy embrace, a heavyweight 10.5 tog duvet promises an opulent refuge, creating a fortress against the chill. Revel in the thick layers of insulation that cocoon you in warmth, transforming your bed into a haven of comfort during colder months. 

12+ tog

The ultimate in indulgent comfort can be achieved by combining lower and higher tog duvets. This strategic layering ensures that you stay warm and cosy even on the chilliest of nights, providing a luxurious sleep experience tailored to your desired level of comfort. 


In the quest for the perfect duvet tog, let your personal preferences and lifestyle be your guiding light. Whether you opt for the gentle caress of lightweight duvets, the all-season elegance of midweight options or the winter sanctuary provided by heavyweight duvets, we invite you to indulge in the luxury of tailored comfort. 

Explore the exquisite Feather & Black duvet collection online or immerse yourself in the tactile experience by visiting one of our stores and feel the luxurious textures first hand with our duvet feeler samples. Discover your ideal tog rating, ensuring your nights are filled with the warmth, softness, and tranquility that only the perfect duvet can provide.

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