Our Top Tips for Looking After Your Bed Linen

There’s nothing better than the feel of freshly washed bed linen… other than a perfectly organised laundry cupboard, of course. One that makes you stand, hands on hips, smiling at the mere sight of it; one that is immaculately ordered with sweet smelling, neatly folded sheets.

Caring for your bed linen also means washing and drying it correctly too, which in turn, will extend its life and maintain its quality.

So here are a few top tips to help you love your linens for longer.  

Linen Versus Cotton Care

Cotton and linen sheets are different and need to be cared for accordingly. Cotton is very soft because it’s made from the fine woven fibres from the ‘bolls’ of a cotton plant, whereas linen is made from flax fibres that are less finely woven making it durable and breathable. Here’s how to keep cotton and linen both looking and feeling great.

  1. Because of the delicate nature of cotton, it’s best to wash it on its own separate from snagging items such as zips.
  2. Whilst cotton can be washed at a low temperature, it’s best to avoid the quick wash cycles as the detergent isn’t given enough time to work.
  3. Hanging your white sheets out to dry in the sunshine during the summer is a great way to give them a white boost. The sun works as a natural bleach.
  4. Linen actually improves with every wash and will get softer the more it’s washed.
  5. Over drying your linen will make it feel harder. If you can, air dry your linen and then simply put it in the dryer when almost dry, for 20 minutes. Take it out just before it’s bone dry to keep it feeling soft.
  6. Hot washes in general are bad for your sheets and diminish their softness over time.

Washed Bed Linen

  1. If you're putting your washed bed linen straight onto your bed from the tumble dryer, put it on whilst warm and still ever so slightly damp and the creases will smooth themselves out whilst on the bed.
  2. If you're putting away your bed linen straight after it being washed, make sure it's completely dry to prevent any dampness or mildew forming.
  3. Slatted, ventilated shelves allow for good air circulation and help prevent your sheets from going musty.

Beautifully Organised Linen

  1. For bed linen sets, fold the sheets and place them inside the matching pillow case for beautifully neat storage and easy access.
  2. Here’s how to fold a fitted sheet…
  • Hold the sheet so the elastic faces you and put your hands in the top two corners
  • Fold together (away from you) and slip one corner inside the other
  • Slide one hand to the other corner and tuck the remaining corner inside it
  • Lay the sheet on a flat surface with the elastic edges folded over so it makes a square
  • Fold the sheet inwards into thirds
  • Fold the sheet along the length to create a neat, finished, folded sheet
  1. Store linens, sheets and towels with the edges facing the back of the cupboard for a neat and tidy looking cupboard.

Bed Linen Cheats

  1. Over time, sheets can start to smell musty from sitting in a cupboard or drawer. Sunshine is a natural disinfectant so when the sun’s shining, hang your sheets out and the UVA rays will get rid of musty smells by killing the bacteria.
  2. Or, pop a scented tumble dryer sheet in between your washed and folded bed linen to keep them smelling fresh. Mrs Hinch swears by this!
  3. If you’re short on space, roll your linens or towels instead of folding them.
  4. Cedar blocks and lavender sachets help protect against moths – they hate the smell!

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