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How to Sleep in Summer - Bedding Tips to Stay Cool

Summer has an abundance of qualities that benefit our wellbeing. From a much-needed dose of vitamin D to the bright mornings and endless summer evenings, for many of us it is truly the happiest of times.

But as night falls and we retreat to our beds, the heat of the day can feel trapped in the bedroom, stifling a good night’s sleep.

Aside from keeping the window open, which isn’t always practical, the solution lies in dressing your bed for optimum breathability. Incorporating soft natural fabrics will work with your body to keep you at the perfect temperature, from dusk until that glorious summer dawn.

Here are our most reliable seasonal sleep tips to keep you cool on warm summer nights.

1. Start with the basics

  • The ideal temperature for your bedroom is between 16 to 18˚C, so always aim to be within this range
  • Allow air to circulate and flow by opening doors and windows, particularly when the weather cools in the evening and overnight
  • Always use natural fabrics if you can for your bedding and bed linen. These materials, such as cotton and wool, are naturally moisture-wicking, helping to conduct heat away from your body, whilst being ultra breathable
  • To take the benefits of natural fabrics one step further, consider swapping to cotton nightwear

2. A cool duvet

The simplest change you can make during warmer months is to use a lower tog duvet. The commonly used tog rating system assesses the ability of a duvet to retain its heat, from 1 tog up to 15 tog. The lower the tog, the lighter the duvet, which means a gorgeously light 4.5 tog duvet is a perfect summer tog weighting. 

Our range of natural duvets offer some wonderful options for summer, from super soft British wool to luxuriously lightweight feather and down. Natural fillings are an excellent all-season choice, with temperature-regulating properties that will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

For those sensitive to summer allergies such as hayfever, our 4.5 tog Soft as Down bedding provides an allergen-free alternative to traditional down, with super-soft microfibre fillings which can be machine washed at 40 ˚C.

If you’re feeling indulgent, our most opulent Hungarian Goose Down bedding offers the softest and finest fillings, responsibly sourced from traceable Hungarian goose down and feather. These natural fillings combine the very best of lightweight breathability with exceptional heat insulation for the winter months.

3. Breathable bed linen

The importance of good quality bed linen and the positive impact it has on your sleep is undeniable. 100% cotton bed linen exudes breathability and helps keep your body at the right temperature as you sleep. 

Choose between our sumptuous 400 or 600 thread count cotton bed sheets in a range of classic styles, for a fabulous every day linen. As well as being beautifully delicate with timeless embroidery and drawn thread work, our 100% cotton percale and cotton sateen choices are as perfectly pretty as they are cool. 

For the very best of organically inspired design, our Natural Collection is expertly crafted from a sumptuous blend of organic cotton and naturally anti-bacterial hemp. For sensitive sleepers, this hypoallergenic set is a summer must-have.

If you want to avoid a duvet altogether, our Hotel Collection Flat Sheets offer a taste of hotel luxury, boasting up to a 600 thread count and a super soft finish. Slip between these cool sheets for sound slumber. And for the complete hotel look, why not keep a lightweight throw draped elegantly at the end of your bed, just in case.


4. Perfect mattress protectors

Mattresses with natural fillings are perfect for wicking away moisture and helping to regulate the body temperature of those lying atop it. To help prolong the life of a natural mattress, a protector will shield your sleep surface from the build-up of heat and moisture. 

Choose one of our super soft mattress toppers with naturally cooling fillings to add a dose of luxury to your mattress. Alternatively, why not try our 2-in-1 TEMPUR® cooling mattress protector and fitted sheet? Instantly refreshing and oh-so practical, this handy choice is fully breathable and waterproof to keep humidity at bay all night long.


5. Pillow choices

For an extra layer of comfort and coolness, don’t overlook the importance of the right pillow. Having a soothing place to rest your head will do wonders for a cool night’s sleep.

Opting for lightweight natural fabrics such as cotton and linen for your bedsheets will aid breathability, but what’s inside your pillow is equally important.

For a naturally cooling pillow, opt for breathable British wool or feather. However, when it comes to the ultimate summer comfort, look no further than the TEMPUR® CoolTouch Pillow, in your choice of a firm or soft comfort grade. This innovative summer pillow is encased in a cooling cover with adaptive memory foam, guaranteeing your comfort no matter what the great British summer has in store.  

If you need help choosing bedding, browse our Bedding Guide for further information and advice.

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