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Three Steps to Making a Perfect Bed

Making your bed can often feel like a chore, particularly in the midst of the morning rush, but there is something oh-so-wonderful about coming home to a perfectly put together bed. Carving out the time to make your bed every day is an act of self-care, and one that your future self will always be grateful for. Embrace the mindful ritual of crafting an immaculately dressed bed, instilling a sense of purpose into your daily routine and creating a welcoming haven of rest and rejuvenation to return to each evening.
Explore our expert guidance on how to make your bed in three simple steps, from perfecting the art of hospital corners to curating the finishing touches. Transform your bed into the exquisitely crafted and irresistibly inviting centrepiece of your bedroom sanctuary.

Step one: Perfect your hospital corners

Whether you prefer a flat or fitted design, sumptuously soft bed sheets are the very foundation of a perfectly made bed. While it’s natural to move around during your sleep, it can be very frustrating if your bed sheets become untucked and tangled around your legs, so it’s essential that you select bed sheets that are the right size for your mattress. Ensuring your bed sheets remain in place throughout the night contributes to restful nights and rejuvenated mornings. 

Fitted bed sheets with elasticated corners are an easy and convenient way to guarantee a snug fit, however those who prefer the clean, crisp and traditional look of flat sheets will need to perfect the art of hospital corners. This time-honoured technique ensures that your sheet is firmly secured under the mattress, preventing any untucking or riding up, and promising a beautifully neat and professional looking corner fold. 

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to create hospital corners: 

  • Invest in high-quality bed linen, such as our 600-thread count Hotel Collection Sateen Flat Sheet, that will hold its shape and make it easier to achieve sharp, clean corners. 
  • Lay the flat sheet over the mattress, allowing the sides to drape evenly over the bed.
  • Neatly tuck the sheet under the mattress at the foot and head of the bed, leaving the sides draped.
  • Take hold of the sheet approximately 12 inches from the corner and lift it to form a triangle.
  • Pull it taut and lay it down on the bed at a 45-degree angle, tucking in the excess sheet under the mattress.
  • Carefully fold the triangle back over the side of the mattress and tuck underneath.
  • Repeat on the remaining three corners and smooth to finish. 

Plump your duvet and pillows

A luxurious bed isn’t complete without perfectly plump pillows and a supremely soft duvet, but even the highest quality bedding needs daily care and attention to keep it looking and feeling its best. Whether your duvet is filled with feathers or microfibres, we recommend giving it a gentle shake out every single morning to redistribute the fillings evenly. This simple routine prevents your duvet from becoming flat and lumpy, maintaining its loft and prolonging its lifespan while keeping your bed looking invitingly plush and well-kept. 

Repeat this step with your pillows, gently shaking, kneading and plumping to redistribute the filling until they return to their original sumptuous shape. Once satisfied with the plumpness, give them a final shake and fluff to ensure they’re fully revitalised. Lay the duvet across the bed and smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the cover by gently pulling the sides, then place your pillows on top of the duvet at the head of the bed. To create luxurious volume, allow two pillows per person and stack them one behind the other for an elegant and sophisticated finish. 

Investing in superior bed linen made from the finest quality, pure organic cotton not only ensures unparalleled comfort and enhances the quality of your sleep, but also makes it easier to keep your bed looking immaculate. Our exquisite range of 100% cotton bed linen is handcrafted from premium fabric that drapes beautifully and is less prone to wrinkling, helping you maintain a polished and inviting bedroom aesthetic with minimal effort.

Dress your bed with finishing touches

With your bed sheets, duvet and pillows all perfectly placed, you can focus your attention on the finishing touches. Accent your bed with decorative cushions for a final flourish of sumptuous luxury, creating an inviting retreat that beckons you to sink into its cosy embrace. Artfully arrange the cushions against your pillows, creating interest and depth with varying sizes, tactile textures and decadent fabrics, such as natural linen, plush velvet or textured bouclé

Emulate the symmetrical aesthetic of a high-end hotel by neatly stacking an even number of cushions in decreasing size on either side of the bed. Select muted shades that complement your bed linen and evoke a sense of serenity, such as blush pink or calming ecru. For a more relaxed and eclectic feel, embrace an asymmetrical look with an odd number of cushions softly overlapping one another. Create contrast against crisp white linen with the stunning jewel-inspired hues of emerald green, rich navy or oxblood red

Complete the styling of your bed with the simple touch of draping a cosy throw across the duvet, adding an extra layer of warmth and sophistication to your décor. Maintain a sense of cohesion and luxury with a coordinating collection of cushions and throws, such as our Fringed Velvet Cushions and Bedspread in the stunning shades of rust or charcoal, or add contrasting earthy tones to neutral bed linen with our beautiful Wool Blend Tasselled Throw. This thoughtful curation enhances the aesthetic of your bedroom and invites you to snuggle up in comfort and style.

Make the perfect bed with Feather & Black

Keeping a well-kept bed may seem like a small habit, but it can have a significant impact when embraced into your everyday routine, promoting a positive mindset in the morning and enabling essential rest and relaxation as evening falls. By following these three simple steps on how to make the perfect bed, the daily ritual becomes a meaningful act of self-care, creating a beautifully luxurious sanctuary that enhances your overall wellbeing. 

Explore Feather & Black’s expertly curated collection of beautiful beds, luxury bedding and exquisite bedroom accessories to find inspiration for designing the perfect retreat that exudes comfort, elegance and sophistication. 

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