Dopamine Décor For Your Bedroom

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First Added 18 August 2023

The sunny days of dopamine décor are here. Inspired by the enduring TikTok trend for dopamine dressing, feel-good interiors are set to banish the neutral tones of the vanilla aesthetic and inspire you to create a space that truly reflects your unique style.

What is dopamine décor?

From dazzling sunshine tones to rich invigorating patterns, dopamine designs throw out the rulebook and champion individuality. Maximalist and unapologetic, dopamine interior design is quite simply about creating a space that makes you feel happy. Forget trends, forget the latest must-have paint shade – this design aesthetic is all about you.

Which is one of the reasons why we simply adore this trend for the bedroom! Where better to create a monument to happiness? In this article, be inspired by easy ways to introduce dazzling dopamine flair to your home.

Dopamine décor colour palettes

It may not surprise you to learn that this trend is all about colour, colour, colour. Colour clashing or colour drenching, the bolder the better. Whether you’re inspired by trending earth tones or flamboyant 1970s flair, choose colours that speak to your soul.

Unsurprisingly, sunny yellow is a popular choice for dialling up the dopamine. Its warmth and vibrancy is shown to help our brains release serotonin – the very hormone that gives us happiness. Pair yellow with vibrant blues, greens and oranges for a pop of colour that still retains elements of relaxation, perfect for a sleep sanctuary.

To inject a dose of colour without committing to DIY, cushions and accessories are a perfect way to dial up the vibrancy. Browse our range of rich rust, exciting teal or soft blush cushions to adorn your bed, adding an instant dash of warmth and colour that’s sure to make you smile.

Maximalist shapes

Naturally maximalist, dopamine décor is all about showcasing what you find most pleasing. Considering what shapes you enjoy is an important element of the design – and for many, curved furniture is infinitely comforting in the home. If your style is naturally more minimalist or muted, curves help you feel grounded in your bedroom by symbolising safety and peace.

To soften the look of an eclectic, colourful space, adding some gentle curves in the form of a blanket box or side table will inject instant elegance and intimacy.


Dazzling dopamine prints and patterns

Instantly cocooning, brightly patterned wallpaper has naturally uplifting qualities that can transform your bedroom. Whether you choose a feature wall or statement half-and-half design, wallpaper and murals are a wonderful choice for dopamine seekers, with almost infinite variety and opportunities for personalisation. For those artistically gifted amongst us, you could even create your own digitally printed wallpaper to truly reflect your personal style.

For something a touch more temporary, gallery walls are a fabulous alternative – simple to switch up and totally personal, you can create a completely unique feature wall overflowing with your favourite art or sentimental memories. You could even try framing some statement wallpaper, too.

Indulgent textures and fabrics

Your bedroom should be somewhere you adore starting each and every day, so it’s natural that comfort should be a key factor in your design decisions. When it comes to décor that makes you feel good, sumptuous textures are the order of the day. From rich velvet upholstered beds to intricate rattan, these fabrics draw the eye as well as pleasing the senses.

For an oh-so touchable finish you’ll love getting cosy in, bouclé is one of our all-time favourites. Deceptively durable with oodles of snuggle factor, this looped woven fabric is an excellent choice for the bedroom.

When it comes to dressing your bed, choose bed linen with high thread counts and natural fabrics for a finish that feels as good as it looks, such as our Soft Jacquard Bed Linen. Layering thick throws and cushions will add to the look of overflowing abundance, characteristic of dopamine design.


Find a statement centrepiece

If dopamine decorating feels overwhelming, start with a centrepiece to build around – and of course, it has to make a statement. For the bedroom, it’s natural that the bed should be the place to start.

Think high headboards, indulgent textures and striking shapes – your bed should be the very epitome of opulence and style. For a classic look, we simply adore our Vintage Rattan Bed Frame. From the rich natural rattan to the tall footboard, it has instant impact.

If you’re looking to inject colour, the irresistible olive tones of our bestselling Charlotte Bed are sure to capture your imagination. Alternatively, if vintage influences are more your style, our characterful Wooster Bed’s warm brown velvet upholstery radiates cosiness and charm.

Your bedroom is your innermost sanctuary, so it should truly be a space inspired by you. Whatever your passion and joys, reflecting them in your surroundings is a wonderful way to connect with yourself at the end of a long day. Take inspiration from your favourite hobbies, be it art, travel, horticulture, or any meaningful pastime. When you’re done, you’ll be blessed with a bedroom that’s stylish, soulful, and unquestionably yours.

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