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Elevated retro: The 1970s resurgence

Oh, the 1970s. The resurgence in this retro trend doesn’t stop at clothing and fashion – interiors are firmly on the rise too. According to Pinterest Trends, searches for 1970s-bedroom-related terms have risen by 78%, and it’s clear to see why.

1970s interiors are all about creating a relaxed home that feels immediately comfortable. Bathed in warm colours, including succulent earth tones, placed alongside coloured patterns and textures, 1970s décor champions joy, comfort and relaxation. In this article, we’ll share our favourite throwback trends, along with plenty of inspiration for creating your own seventies sanctuary.

Colour: Avocado green gets a makeover

Rich greens, muted oranges, and warm browns evoke instant nostalgia and pair beautifully with tactile wooden accents such as rattan or shiplap. With their leafy, natural tones, these warm toasty colours not only bring the outside in, but they also create a cosy, organic space to enjoy in every season.

Avocado green may bring to mind dated kitchen and bathroom suites, but it’s time to see this classic shade in a whole new light. We think it doesn’t get any better than our brand new Charlotte Bed Frame. Opulent olive tones, rich velvet upholstery and oh-so inviting curves complete Charlotte’s signature style, with a statement winged head and footboard that bring to life the quintessential shaping of 1970s style.

Shape: Curves in all the right places

And while we’re speaking of signature shapes, 1970s interiors are full of them. From delicate scalloped edges to full-on fans, wonderful waves and the iconic mushroom lamp, curves are a staple of 1970s style we simply adore. Think overflowing lines, plump bubble silhouettes and cushiony rounded edges.

For little touches, adding an intricately shaped candlestick or vase adds fun flair, or why not go all out with characterful curved furniture? From pouffes and beanbags to sculpted side tables, a few furniture accents can make a big statement.

When it comes to the bedroom, the Marlborough Bed Frame is not only complete with much-loved rich chocolate tones, but its deep winged headboard offers exceptionally inviting curves. With deep button details and a low-slung profile, the Marlborough exemplifies the ‘sink into’ feeling of 1970s décor. Its Chesterfield styling gives a subtle nod to the maximalist flair of this retro style.

Sitting beautifully alongside the Marlborough Bed Frame is its matching Pill Blanket Box. The perfect place to drape a rich throw for extra texture, this lux velvet blanket box has a rounded rectangular shape to create a soft natural finish. Its tempting chocolate brown tone is mentally grounding with its organic, earthy connotations, making it an exceptionally fitting choice for the bedroom.

Texture: Rich rattan and bold boucle

Luscious layers are a staple of 1970s décor, and it doesn’t get much more retro than rattan. Intricately woven and incredibly versatile, this exquisite material is easy to integrate into any room. From side tables to storage boxes, lamps to tableware, rattan and wicker come in a range of finishes to suit your décor. Pair with black for a striking finish, or pleasing pastel tones if you want to soften the look.

To create a dreamy vintage bedscape, the Vintage Rattan Bed Frame evokes instant nostalgia. Rich walnut wooden tones are paired with aged rattan to create a blissful boudoir you’ll love lounging in. With a high head and footboard, this refined bedfellow erupts with rich brown hues and natural textures. Pair this statement piece with matching Vintage Rattan Bedsides for an antique look with exceptionally sculpted finishes.

Ready to create? Discover your perfect colour palette with the latest trending earth tones to bring your love affair with the 1970s to life.

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