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Meet our iconic Oliver bed

Imagine a bed that is stylish yet sturdy, simple but statement, delicate and dependable, charming and, above all, expertly crafted. If that sounds like your cup of tea, it’s time we introduced you to our iconic Oliver Bed.

At Feather & Black, we know that your sleep is sacred, which is why we won’t settle for anything less than exceptional when it comes to our bed frames. Oliver has all the best qualities of expert craftmanship, with delicate details and a charming softness from sweeping curved edges.

Whatever you’re looking for from your bed, our best-selling Oliver Bed has it in abundance.

Because we know you love Oliver, we’ve created seven bespoke colours to suit every season and every space. With roots in classic design coupled with a contemporary chalky finish, it’s plain to see why our beloved Oliver is an enduring best-seller.

Shapes and sizes for every space

From sweet singles through to spacious super kings, Oliver can accommodate solo sleepers or the whole family when the kids come in for a cuddle.

Oliver makes a lasting impression in any master suite, but for cosy guest rooms why not sink into its charming companions, the Day Bed and Guest Bed. These multifunctional pieces make a comfortable resting place by day, with plenty of room for guests to lay their heads once night falls. There really is something for everyone.

Charming design to suit all decors

Oliver’s design is subtly detailed to create a perfectly charming, distinctive metal bed. There’s a notable softness to this bed created by its gently curving lines and delicate mouldings peppering the head and foot end.

Whether you’re seeking industrial chic or boho warmth, Oliver has the versatility to do it all, with a fuss-free finish that can be dressed to suit your style.

The characterful Oliver is available in seven beautiful colours from matt black through to pale sky blue, all of which are powder coated. This gives a contemporary, chalky finish, making this bed endlessly modern despite its roots in traditional dorm styling.

Lasting luxury guaranteed

Expertly designed and constructed to last, our Oliver Bed is strong and robust, with some added secrets to make it even more delightful. Oliver’s high-quality, thoughtful design allows you to adjust the bed base to your preferred height. Whether you prefer a lofty sleep or low-rise slumber, it’s easy to adjust Oliver to your perfect height. There’s also no centre leg in this bed frame, so all things great and small can find a comfortable home safely stowed under the bed.

Oliver’s fully metal frame means it’s a hugely dependable bed you can trust to support your sleep night after night. It also doesn’t hurt that it has oodles of characterful charm.

Its classic yet contemporary design means it can become the foundation for any bed dressing of your choosing, from crisp monochrome bed linens through to joyful colours and vibrant patterns.

Oliver’s already made a big impression in these stunning homes. How will it suit yours?

Versatile, charming and dependable. These are the qualities we look for in a bed at Feather and Black, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll find them in our iconic Oliver Bed.

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Last Modified 05 January 2024  |  
First Added 11 May 2020

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