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10 Curious Facts About Sleep

Given that we spend around a third of our life asleep (that’s approximately 25 years, by the way), let’s delve deeper in the world of sleep to unearth some interesting facts about sleep and exactly what we do when we’re in the world of slumber.


1. Some of us dream in black and white

Studies show that roughly 12% of people dream in black and white. Whilst this may seem surprising, before the introduction of colour television, this was closer to 75%. From this, you’d correctly deduce that television has a big impact on our sleep habits.

2. We are the only mammals that can delay sleep

As humans, we are able to keep ourselves awake even when our body is letting us know it’s time to go to sleep. Interestingly, all other mammals do not have this ability, and must go to sleep when their bodies feel the need.


3. Sleep is different for men and women

According to the Sleep Foundation, male and female circadian rhythms are slightly different. These rhythms determine our sleep-wake cycles, as well as many other functions of our internal body clock.

On average, men have a longer circadian rhythm by approximately six minutes, meaning they often feel less tired in the evening. Women are more likely to have a shorter cycle, meaning they are generally prone to waking up earlier.

4. Sleep boosts immunity

During the winter months and flu season, it’s recommended to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. This will help your body to keep your hardworking immune system in optimum shape.

5. 15% of the population sleepwalk

Sleepwalking is more common amongst children, but up to 4% of adults are estimated to sleepwalk too. Studies are increasingly showing a link between genetics and sleepwalking, with 61% of children sleepwalking if both of their parents also display this behaviour.

6. It should take 10 – 15 minutes to fall asleep

Around a quarter of an hour is the ideal amount of time it takes to fall asleep. If you find yourself dropping off in 5 minutes or under, the likelihood is that you're suffering from sleep deprivation.

7. A new bed can increase the amount of sleep you get

According to The Sleep Council, you can get an extra 42 minutes of sleep when you trade in your old bed for a new one. From increasing the support for your precious limbs to soft and cosy upholstered bed frames, it’s not surprising that you can enjoy a refreshed night’s rest when you invest.

8. Nobody sleeps through the night

We all wake up several times throughout the night, mostly without even realising, whether that’s due to being too hot or cold, partner movement, kids, or general noise. Waking through the night isn’t anything to worry about, according to The Sleep Council; we go through different stages as we sleep, and these are peppered with brief awakenings.

9. Altitude affects sleep

When you're at altitude (anywhere above approximately 13,000 ft), there is less oxygen in the atmosphere, which makes it much harder to drop off to sleep. Fresh plants, which naturally release oxygen into the air, can help to combat some of the side effects of this.

10. Our sense of smell decreases when we’re asleep

Something strange happens to our senses while we sleep… Studies have shown that noise can penetrate our consciousness and wake us up as we slumber, but smells won’t. This is supposedly one of the reasons why fire alarms were invented.


Now we’ve considered the curious facts of sleep, we couldn’t conclude without also imparting the vital importance of an exceptional bed. The place that always welcomes you, where you can find respite and comfort, enjoying time to reconnect with yourself and those you love.

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