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Looking After Our Future

Sustainability, ethical sourcing of materials and climate change are high on the agenda for all of us, and as a retailer we strive to act responsibly and proactively.

We are proud to partner with Ecologi and make a meaningful impact by running climate solutions that have proven results.

We were so impressed with Ecologi’s passion, work and commitment that we will be contributing to their planting trees projects and will plant trees for every single F&B purchase made, whether that’s in store on online, no matter how much you spend with us.


…empowers both individuals and business to get involved and take on the climate crisis by contributing to solutions that make a difference.

They fund two main types of action - carbon offsetting and tree planting. They invest money into a broad range of fantastic projects and have a wide range of tree planting partners who responsibly plant millions of trees every month on their behalf. Some of the tree planting projects they fund include:

  • Reforesting Madagascar
  • Planting forest gardens in Uganda
  • Preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil
  • Forest restoration in Kenya

And we’ll be contributing to these!

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Planting trees…

…is investing in our future. Whilst newly planted trees need years to grow and become the efficient carbon storage and wildlife sanctuaries they are destined to be, we are helping to tackle the climate crisis and helping to keep temperatures from rising above 1.5˚C.

Products derived from the forest play a vital part of our daily lives; there are the obvious ones such as paper, wood and fruits, but also lots of less obvious ones such as the by-products that go into medicines, detergents and cosmetics. Forests also provide shelter, water and food, livelihoods for 60 million indigenous people, habitats for 80% of animals, and are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

We are proud…

…enthusiasts and supporters of Ecologi’s work and are hugely excited to be contributing to their tree planting projects.

It couldn’t be easier to be involved either. Here’s how it works. We will…

  • Plant two trees when you spend up to £500
  • Plant four trees when you spend over £500

So, whatever you buy from F&B, you will be actively helping fight the climate crisis by helping us plant more and more trees. The trees will automatically be allocated when you get to checkout and you can keep track of how many trees we’ve planted with our tree counter above!

Thank you for helping us to fight climate change and grow our F&B forest xx

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