Our Story

Founded back in 2004, our sleep experts started with just one simple commitment: to create quality products and inspirational design for you and your family.

Since then we’ve continued to offer unrivalled style coupled with a real understanding of what makes a good night's sleep. We’re also serious about providing you with the service you deserve, and invite you to come into any one of our stores to talk about how we can help you create the perfect bedtime.

Peace & Tranquillity

We spend approximately a third of our lifetime in bed. So whether you’re out for the count or used to counting sheep, never underestimate the difference the quality of mattress can have on your sleep.

Why Feather & Black?

There are many reasons why we’re head and shoulders above the competition. Here are just a few…

Build a Bed. Discover the pleasure of owning something made especially for you. Our huge selection of Upholstered bed choice ranges from affordable through to totally luxurious and our simple bespoke journey – Build a Bed – allows you to mix and match bed size, base, headboard style, fabric and extras.

Sleep Experts. We pride ourselves on being the connoisseurs of snooze. From hand stitched mattresses made with innovative technology, to luxurious pillows and duvets and the most stylishly designed beds and linen. Come into one of our stores and let our experts help you create the perfect looking bedroom, and the perfect night sleep.

Perfect Craftmanship

We enjoy strong, lasting relationships with all of our suppliers, and trust them to provide us with products of the highest standard – from mattresses grown and hand stitched on our Yorkshire farm and factory, to ethically sourced timber, and bed linen made from nothing less than 100% cotton for you and your children.

Create the Perfect Bedtime

We believe the perfect bedtime involves a combination of style, comfort and practicality. Our wide range of beds, mattresses, bedroom furniture and furnishings will stand the test of time, helping to create the perfect bedtime for you and your loved ones.

Inspire Me