There’s a place for everything with our range of elegant sideboards. Perfectly at home in a grand dining room or as a transitional piece for sweeping hallways, sideboards exude sophistication, with plenty of discreet storage to eliminate unsightly clutter.

How do I assemble a sideboard?

Choosing the right luxury sideboard relies on determining both the practical and aesthetic needs of your space. Before making any purchase, take accurate measurements of your space, consider your storage needs, and ensure that the functionality meets your requirements. Beyond these practical considerations, the appearance of your piece should complement your existing decor, whether through style or a common material such as weathered oak or rattan.

How to style a sideboard

Styling a sideboard to create a visually appealing enhancement to your space can be tricky, but a sideboard's versatility is its strength. Classic techniques include anchoring your sideboard with either artwork or a mirror above the piece and arranging decor items on the sideboard, using different heights and textures for visual interest. Seasonal rotation of your decor items, family trinkets, or photos, and greenery can all add to the overall effect. Remember, sideboard decor isn’t permanent and experimentation over time often leads to the best results!

Should a sideboard match your dining room table?

Not necessarily! A sideboard is versatile and can enhance your space without becoming lost in it. Uniformly matching furniture throughout your home can reduce visual appeal, whereas new styles, materials, and colours can help the furniture stand out. Ultimately, choose a luxury sideboard that complements the decor in the space it exists and matches your style.

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