3 Steps to Making a Perfect Bed

Making your bed is a daily task for all of us, whether it’s done with love and all the finishing touches or it’s a slightly rushed hurl of the duvet back up the bed. But no one can deny that a freshly (well) made bed looks great, is surprisingly satisfying and sets you up for the day nicely.

Read on to discover our 3 simple steps for making the perfect bed.

1. Hospital Corners

When you’re using a flat sheet rather than a fitted sheet, it can be tempting to tuck it all under the mattress without much thought. This doesn’t do you any favours as the sheet is more than likely to come untucked and ride up the mattress.

The best way to avoid this happening is by folding hospital corners with your sheet. This method will keep your sheet firmly tucked under the mattress, preventing any untucking or riding up and guaranteeing a beautifully neat and professional looking corner fold.

Here’s how to fold a hospital corner:

  • Lay a flat sheet on the mattress, letting the sides drape evenly over the bed
  • At the foot of the bed, tuck the sheet under the mattress
  • About 12 inches along from the foot end of the bed, take hold of the bottom of the sheet and lift it up to form a triangle
  • Tuck any excess sheet near the foot end under the mattress
  • Fold the triangle back over the side of the mattress and tuck under

2. Duvet & Pillows

You may not think much goes into straightening your duvet and pillows each morning, but we’ve got some simple tips to get the most out of your duvet and pillows.

We recommend always giving your duvet a good shake out in the morning. This helps redistribute the fillings making it neat and inviting for your return later that night.

Lay your duvet out and position your pillows on top of it.

A little trick to keep your duvet plump is to use a duvet cover that’s one size too small. You heard it here first.

We suggest using two pillows per person as it gives more volume to the bed and makes the styling more sumptuous. For a polished, chic look, stack a continental pillow behind a standard pillow.


3. Dress Your Bed

Cushions and throws are a fabulous way to ‘decorate’ your bed. They bring personality, style and warmth to your bed and wider room aesthetic.

Whether it’s a patterned, linen, beaded, velvet or fur cushion you’re after, we have a gorgeous collection of cushions to adorn your bed with. Cushions provide a chance to experiment with colour and one of the great benefits is that you can change them with the seasons and create a whole new look.

When it comes to styling, for more uniform, hotel-chic look, we suggest using an even number of cushions stacked in neat lines in-front of each pillow. For more relaxed styling, use an odd number, say three, and position them softly overlapping one another.

And don’t forget to drape a soft throw along the foot end of your bed. Not only do they look stylish, they act as an additional layer of warmth on chilly nights. And, of course, you can change the thickness of the throw with the seasons to keep your look up to date.


And there you have it. Creating a well-made bed is easier than you think and we hope these three steps will set you on your path to exquisite bed-making!

Of course, a beautiful bed is just the beginning. Discover our six styling secrets to create an exceptionally boutique bedroom.


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